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The media and our government need to start being truthful! .NZ C&P
I have witnessed this first hand just 2 days ago!!
I lost my first cousin, only 38yo, she had literally just had her 2nd covid vaccine shot due to having no choice as she was a care worker, 2hrs later she was DEAD!! Doctors declared it a bad reaction to the Pfizer vaccine, which caused her blood to clot so much she suffered a brain aneurysm!! Now if that's not bad enough, my whanau were then asked to sign a waiver stating that my beautiful cousins cause of death NOT be spoken about to media or any person outside of the DHB!! Safe to say they were told to stick their waiver where the sun dont shine!!I swear on both my late parents, this is NOT a made up story, this is real, this heartbreak is real, the trauma my whanau and I are going through is REAL!!!
And we will not stop this fight until the world knows the hardcore truth and not these lies you are fed on a daily!
Rest in Love my beautiful cousin Rochelle Matthews

Retired Pediatric RN and farm wife. Treasure my family, God & country! Fight for Justice, Truth & Freedom always! Patriots all the way!

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✝️✝️So, so sorry, this was horrible. May justice be served. God's blessings to you all!

it is c&p ,this family like 120 other familes here in NZ have lost a loved one to this vaccine, we have had 26 (debatable) elderly covid deaths in 18months its madness ,thank you for your kind words ,

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