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these poor results of experiments, I've heard about 'human' experiments when found not wanting to live! this is so bad, sad 😢 and they are the ones feeling terrible after and not the scientists🤬

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Our tears flow over this from a place of love and empathy. For humanity.

Witnessing people wishing others death, over their own projected fear is not normal and could be dangerous.
The lack of self accountability is clearly visible and an intangible.
Whether it’s a genetic or aquired flaw, such anger cannot be underestimated.
The lowest of low resourcefulness spiritually.
God gave us the ability to be present and hyper observent.
Listening and receiving Information takes practice, but it’s said 200 times repeated and it becomes subconscious/ automatic.
I unquestionably believe this is our best path to divine instruction from God.
In my own lifetime, it’s saved my life more than once. This blessing when used puts us in a place of balance, harmony, gratitude 👉the love vibration.
When is prayer to God not a good idea?
How superb to be cleansed by God’s will at any time?
Just when feels as if it’s impossible, we are renewed 🙏🕊
One of God’s greatest gifts to

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