Good morning Patriots❤️🤍💙
AU is still having some issues
I can't see my notifications and my page, can't comment or see any of your comments...I miss you guys
I love YOU all
Be patient I'm sure it will be fixed soon..
Enjoy your Sunday morning ✨

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Patriot 🇺🇸 President Trump ❤️ God saved my life and Jesus is the way 🙏 I stand up for truth, justice and freedom #wwg1wga

In response Bee Bee to her Publication

hi bee same here i have not been able to see posts since friday after midnight. it must be the website i saw yours after i changed my password and clesred my safari history and then keep hitting the refresh arrow up in the top browser bar

Professional Free Spirit ✨ On a Mission for Mother Hearth💚 #KennedyVision Ambassador 🕊️ #FamilyIsEverything💖

In response Cydalee Patriot to her Publication

Thank you somehow I can see something now😊

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