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If you’ve taken the vaxx there is hope so do not give up. You net to start the HcQ, Zinc, Vitamine D, azithromyacin ( Z Pack) to kill all CV19 virus in your body. Starting out for 3 full days take the prescription as if you have symptomatic CV19 virus then back of on the HCQ and Z Pack and only take the HCQ twice a week thereafter. If you do get the flu or another bacterial or viral infection go back and repeat the higher dosage along with steroids like prednisone to slow the hyperimmune response to normal levels. You can and will survive just never take another jabb. Contact Americas Frontline MD’s to get scripts sent to your pharmacy and never ever give up. You will live and not die.

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My 35 yo daughter had scans at MD Anderson this past week. She suffers from late-stage melanoma currently with No Evidence of Disease (NED). We had already decided if they pushed the vax on her we were leaving. Before her brain MRI the nurse asked if she was vaxxed. She was ready to bolt but he was cordial and did not encourage her to take it. Later that day she had her body scan - same question. Friday morning she followed up with her melanoma specialist. The nurse asked her again if she had been vaxxed. Daughter said “no ma’am.” Nurse said she had to ask due to vaxxed patient scans are coming back showing inflammation throughout the body but more so in the brain. in came her dr who said “Your scans are perfectly normal and you are doing everything right. Don’t change a thing and i will see you in four months.” They know!

Thank you for sharing this personal story. Great news for your family. Continued great health.

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