There is nothing more beautiful than the way the oceane refuses to stop kissing the shoreline no matter how many times it is sent away. 🌊🤍

One of the biggest "secrets" to remembering who you are is to have an OPEN MIND. "THEY" want you to be limited so they can control you. WE want you to be unlimited so that you can remember. NO LIMITS ... Limits are lies! EXPAND AND GROW BEYOND ALL LIMITS. INFINITY IS WAITING FOR YOU. ♾

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I was FlyAnon on Twitter and Gab... Supports Trump, Transparency, Q, Rule of Law and Disclosure of Crime in Government.

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Time is short? Tick Tock Tick Tock?
I see light under the veil?
Some people go to Gitmo?
But, there is a worse place? Saturn?

The Beach Boys - Kokomo (LYRICS) - YouTube

The Beach Boys - Kokomo (LYRICS)Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take yaBermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mamaKey Largo, Montego, baby why don't we go, JamaicaOff ...

#FamilyIsEverything Romans 1122 "Look at the goodness and kindness of God and His severity" Navy Dad x 2.

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Love it ! I say future proves past and if you see the Ocean as the internet then you are smart in this one. If you know the song Lawyers Guns and Money by Warren Zevon was written for Hunter Biden in 1978 then you are seeing even more clearly. Most miss the angels have been delivering these messages for a long time before ..

Beach Boys - Surfi'n U.S.A. Lyrics - YouTube

Letra de la canción Surfin' U.S.A, exito de los Beach Boy's y que ocupó el puesto 3 del año 1963 de la revista Billboard

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