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A child of our heavenly father, putting his truths first, then a patriot of our great nation, respecting it's beauty & people.

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I was just reading about this and was thinking that God takes us up so the new earth can be brought down after the old one is destroyed. How else could it be brought down if we were still on the old, but also to protect us from the battle prior.

WWG1WGA, MAGA,Veteran, Constitutional Law, Equality for All, Save The Children. Restore Our Nation Citizen Rights & Constitutional Laws.

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Yes, I believe we are in the Last Days today and when Trumpets Sound in the sky sround the entire world and Chist with the Legions of Angels that all will see and hear at the very same time the Rapture of the body of Christ on earth will occur in the blink of and eye. The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalyse have already started their ride. Its happening and Satan is going to be cast into hell along with the Fallen and enchained for a 1000 years.

Serving Jesus, minister of the Kingdom, pursuing the Greater Awakening, MAGA, WWG1WGA, 2nd A, Is 60 and Hab 2:14! I'LL FOLLOW BACK

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We have been duped by wrong Israel and Jerusalem-centered premillennialism end-time theology by Dakes, Ryrie and Scofield ,all felons and kooks, funded by Zionists,Vatican and the cabal.
Since 70 AD and Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans, 1.1M Jews killed and the temples completely obliterated, all theology centers around Jesus and what HIS sacrifice, death and resurrection means to bring the Kingdom to earth. The resurrection of Israel is not in the bible neither is a third temple.Jesus said nothing about.Paul only says in Romans Israel will come into the kingdom LAST.

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#FamilyIsEverything Romans 1122 "Look at the goodness and kindness of God and His severity" Navy Dad x 2.

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"Behold, The Days come, saith The Lord" Amos 9-13. Healer. #Jesus Lord is Salvation, God is My Strength and Power, He Makes My Way Perfect

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It takes time all be patient, so many to rescue, all the children will go, You see the fires, You smell the smoke, and this time the Blood will not Run.