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In response Robert Wakefield to his Publication

Ok, so what does this mean? People post things with zero explanation. What about Pillow's security guards? Will THEY be making arrests any time soon? Yawn.

Nothing personal, of course.

Imagine the New World Coming. Love our Boss DJT. The Mission was always about the Children.

In response SPORTS to his Publication

Lucky for us we know exactly how you feel. 😂😂😂

In response SPORTS to his Publication

The UK are super Angry with Lock Down extension Big Protests this Weekend --- Gen Flynn Said " Next 4 Weeks " ! Gen Mcinerney strecthing on what Gen Flynn said " USA Miltary and Trump are on the same page and were rdy to Go " " Next 4 Weeks
Election Audit which we know about
Disclosure is possibility
Mass Military Arrests is a possibility
Everything is Linked they keep telling us as all will be going on a same time !

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