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🌟🌸🌟You are searching the world for treasure but the real treasure is Yourself ~Rumi🌟🌸🌟

In response Matrix Observer to his Publication

interesting, ty (thought at first it was just the natural
breathing of the earth)

lol got carried away looking into ho'wood's show, yellowstone...
most recent one, 23 aug 2020, recap (s3/e10):

'As the battle for the future of the Yellowstone heats up,
nothing will ever be the same'

scuttlebutt re show per imdb similar to dem's pocahanta:
'native am.' wife played by asian actress claims to have
native am. ancestry
the group puscifer is on show's soundtrack
(is he shown w/ panda eyes? (pic 3) sus things about him)

Maynard James Keenan of Tool, A Perfect Circle & Puscifer
has multiple songs on Yellowstone Season 1 soundtrack:
Ep 1 - A Perfect Circle "Judith" & Puscifer "Tumbleweed".
Ep 3 - Puscifer "The Humbling River"
Ep 8 - Puscifer "Green Valley" & Puscifer "Grand Canyon"

last pic: w/ his wife, plus he's on vineyard owner list
(aren't those sometimes $ laund3ring ops?); his are named Caduceus & Merkin (ie wig for minge... nice)