"None of us here at RRM are ever going to allow the pharm-phreaks access to our bodies in any way. Unfortunately, many we know will. There is also the spreading of the contagion by coming into close proximity with such people. Thankfully God has not left them and us comfortless, there is an antidote, Suramin, that Dr. Judy Mikovits and others speak about in this article, available in Pine Needle Tea you can make yourself. Boom-chakalaka, phreaks!

Possible Antidote for the V-Serum and the Current Spike Protein Contagion
Dr. Judy Mikovits (1 min. MP4 above) has revealed that the medical establishment has known all along about the antidote to the contagion – a contagion that is now being seen today by thousands of people who have not taken the serum, but have merely come in close proximity with others who have taken the jab.

(The word "serum" is being used here since, evidently, the way to avoid taking the jab is to say "I am allergic to the serum".)

When the medical establishme

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