#FamilyIsEverything. America Pissed Level = 9/10 Now [they] Fooked

Did you notice the BTC drop?
When BTC drops all ALTS drop.

Doge pretty much ignored BTC drop.

Robinhood Investors don't associate BTC with DOGE.

Huge Sign.

If you haven't yet:
Good time to enter XRP ($1.30)
Good time to enter Doge ($0.36-$0.39)

Double up and then take out your original investment.
Then let the rest it ride.

Don't forget about Taxes.

Avoid ETH until regulations.

*Not a financial advisor.

Many here are bots. I'm as real as it gets as seen here. https://anonup.com/thread/1669217

In response Vincent Kennedy to his Publication

@vincentKennedy You need to tell us more about what you know about these Reptilian/Humanoids that live amongst us. Your Helmet seems to show what looks like one of these reptilians. The only time you ever thumbs up one of my posts on twitter was when I mentioned the movie#theylive. The fox reporter in the clip eyes turn into Lizzard like eyes and blink very clearly he was reporting on our new Secretary of state "Blinkin" Quite odd last name and to corolate the two together is very coincidental. Then the clip talks about they came from a "Green" plant and that reminds me of what Democrat's are trying to pass the "Green New Deal" Is this to bring in the Satanic Alien New World Order? Only logically https://youtu.be/9tQu_5Ns7qQ

Who knows who is who anymore. MIKE POMPAOE looks to be wearing a rbber mask..

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