wordnerdette @wordnerdette
06 December, 08:37
Asking for prayers for my brother. He is in late stage Parkinson’s (escalated by my SIL getting him triple jabbed.) I also think that he may also be under some kind of spiritual attack. I know he has demensia from the Parkinson’s but weird things keep happening, like the same picture keeps getting knocked over randomly when no one is near it. Today he said he felt like he got hit in the head. He also has horrible hallucinations and dreams of bugs and dead bodies floating everywhere etc. I can’t imagine the torture he experiences daily. Please pray for his protection and relief. He’s a sweet soul who’s had a difficult life. My heart breaks that he’s going through this.

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Anna Earthling @Earthling2
Hi, my heart goes out for you. I had a family member goung through exactly that. We found out doctors didn't reduce his medecines when he lost body weight so he was overdosed every day. He git better when the meds were adjusted to his weight again. But a really beautiful thing happened when we removed all wheat, barley and rye from his food 100%. All hallucinations stopped and he was fully present again and joking with us about daily news and events. We were so happy to have him back even though he too had had Parkinsons so long already. We replaced flower with naturally gluten free ones like sorghum, yucca, tapioca, millet, corn, etc. and made his food ourselves. No more anything factory made that had ingredients we didn't understand. If you can do this his health would show difference in just a few days and nights. Also, keep room temperature higher if he has night sweats, cold eats up body energy storage in healthy people too. He may not even say he's cold.
10:01 PM - Dec 06, 2022
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