-) This will trigger the QFS, the R/V GCR, Gold Backed Currencies worldwide, New Rainbow Currency for America, and the EBS (Emergency Broadcast System, some call it the Emergency Alert System) but Fake MSM will be shut down at that time, 10 to 15 days. Martial Law will be invoked worldwide. For 4 weeks to three months, for public safety. This has all be extremely planned out and thought out. The Alliance is now just about ready to reveal more to the public and take action publicly.
10:09 PM - Oct 08, 2022
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Hope Always888 @HopeAlways888
08 October, 10:15
In response JET2 to his Publication
This is all the good guys was my impression.
Am I correct?
I have Mr Cottrell's thesis. He seems like a standup guy. Thanks for clarification. What I don't understand is why people are going to banks if deposits are going into the QFS?
I also don't understand who controls the QFS??
I know that Patriots want to be 100% sure of what system belongs to the good guys.

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