I got a man. Not here to date. No DMโ€™s. Sad that I even need to write this.

If I may ask
Would you all be so kind as to lift my brother up to the throne of Heaven?
I just got a call from him and he is not doing well. He has RA and emphysema and has had to recently move in with our mother and other brother. Heโ€™s falling and having trouble breathing and heโ€™s scared. He is also having hallucinations of people living in the walls, holograms being projected and is paranoid about some remodeling, that may or may not be happening to the house.
I recognize it for what it is. He is nearing the end.
I ask for peace
Iโ€™m going to try to get up there to see him. Not sure how thatโ€™s going to go, since I would have to see the rest of them as well.
Prayers are coveted at this moment. God knows how to work this out better than I do.
Thank you

Praying that God brings peace to your brother, you, and the rest of your family.



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