Juan O Savin

Lady Gaga is widely understood to be a guy..
There’s videos showing the junk hanging out there..
Like Michael & Barry
there’s plenty of video..
They’re laughing at the world, let alone America
because that’s a Baphomet.
They WANT to be both sexes
just like the devil himself presents as both sexes..
Michael couldn’t wear underwear if he wanted
to make it not so obvious?
Within their club he WANTS to be seen as a male
in female attire
because that’s the way the devil wants to be seen..
These satanists, Baphomet worshippers,
it’s their job to try to FORCE US to accept their symbology..
until every image you see
has some satanic depiction in it..
Even stealing the rainbow to use for the devil side
when it was God’s sign put in the sky for his people..
They’re trying to get us to accept more & more
of the devil’s illusions, symbology, even to the #'s.
Even to the Queen’s death..
this was a very orchestrated moment..

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Truth Seeker,Pro-Life,#Qanon,#GOD-WINS,#Trump,#TheGreatAwakening,#WWG1WGA

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I always said that Michelle Obama looked just like a man, and I always said that Lady Ga Ga was a FREAK

“Anywhere I see suffering, that is where I want to be, doing what I can.” Diana 💞

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Ok, but we have to at some point come to terms with we all have to live here together in peace. Arrest the ones that have done harm, and live in peace with the differences of others, there are many who do no harm, and they are all God's children.

mors vincit omnia - Never Give Up, Never surrender John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, ...

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Here the GaGa video showing his privates ata concert

Warning, nudity

We share very few sentiments with our government.

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Lady-boy Guy-Guy is one I pegged immediately.

Hate corruption and greed. Expose it all and end it

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👍 Even better.
Not photoshopped! Ty.

Still YUK big time 🤮

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