Let's talk about the PAIN you experience being around brain washed family & loved ones.

My CEO, who I adore, is a 70 year old black man & he asked me to schedule him for his 5th...FIFTH shot today. It literally sickens me to do this. He so believes in this psyop and it's killing me to watch. He lost his 92 year old mother a few months ago, his 92 year old father is dying, & he's suffered from blood clots & now unknown skin lesions. HIs entire family is at the 5 shot mark.

I mentioned his race because in my experience the minorities I know seem to be the most influenced by the media & all mask still & boost constantly. Is it just me?

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Wife, mom of 2 (1inheaven), Grandma, Irish & Mohawk patriot. FT surgical tech/PT Digital soldier just trying to do my part. WWG1WGA/God 1st!

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My inlaws worship MSM and I believe they have had at least two shots. They were livid with my hubby because we refused to get jabbed.

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It is indeed very painful. THere's nothing we can do or say to remove the blinders of those we love who are totally brainwashed.

Sigi- (See-gee) meaning Victorious Peace or Gentle Warrior I LIKE BOTH!!

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Never before in my life have I been described as the "Sane" one in the group.. People are starting to ask questions, turn to me for advice, etc.. To them I was always eccentric especially last 3yrs.
People are waking up my friend... it is just sad and tragic to see those we love, losing this battle. I believe everyone of us has a purpose, and it is not in our control. I love this clip, it reminds me 'Not Everyone Can Go" Keep up your wonderful spirit and kindness,
God Bless WWG1WGA

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God bless you. I needed that. ❤️

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Mom to Four Awesome Souls Western PA born and raised #godwins

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Yes, I have noticed the same. It is truly painful to witness.

Not a scientist, nor do I claim to be one...Pureblood for life...Stealer of fine memes...There was never a pandemic.

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I have family members who just made appointments to get their fifth jab. I'm not counting on them being around much longer. It's horrible that such evil people exist in this world.

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It's so tragic, sad and heartbreaking! And so difficult to understand how it is that SO many are SO brainwashed that all ability to reason is totally gone out the window. Heaven help us--the ones of us who are left when this is all over. And who knows what we will have to deal with as the shedding is happening. I've already been affected twice by the shedding--about a week each time.

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