I am very happy to inform all of q/black sun cabal followers that are still waiting for qfs,nesara/gesara,digital currency,digital ID,social credit system that system is now gone and destroyed

Under Sistine Chapel in Vatican , in Istanbul, Frankfurt,Shangai,Sweden,Romania, and Chicago and other 2 locations (9 stones,9 chakras) your q white hats /black sun operatives were trying to use dragon stones to connect to European Space agency and use their satellites to connect transhumans (jabbed people) and to connect digital financial system(qfs)

We know where your q/black sun operatives are and what exactly they are doing, who they talk to and we are not playing games

To any of you that you still think that q drops and q operatives or white hats as you prefer to call them are good guys, think again
We know it all, we have it all, we are here working on a side of humanity
They are the ones breaking the Natural Law and making attempts to harm humanity

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