if you believed whiplash ( q cabal operative) about digital currency, it had failed, AGAIN

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KIWI truthseeker,freedomfighter,,Trump supporter,WWG1WGA FYI I AM no-one i know nothing,ok..nada.(grin)

I have/had followed whip for years, its weird on tele all the sharing of info pretty much stopped and he went all about the money,, no way one person could post like he does 24/7..so im thinkin its a team not an individual..stopped following/deleted
ikn i could be wrong🤷‍♀️

In response Greenstone taniwha to her Publication

he tol you all he is white hat
he told you all he was trained by naval intelligence
all white hats are bad guys,they are all CIA/black sun/murkoff/darpa etc operatives
q is kushner
107 guy was darpa operative,he is now gone, his mobile used by another operative
find videos and look at the ring on his pinky and you will know, he held security clearance level 64, he was in durango and he had tried to command military there and he issued orders to operatives to kill millions all over the world, these operations failed few weeks ago

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