Are Giants Real? Were They The Megalithic Builders? You Decide.

I Mean What Do You Think 🤔

The Signs Are Everywhere.

Sorry Lizards, You Didn't Erase It All.

You Didn't Get Us All.

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Over the years I've seen many pics that lead me to believe they are real. The Bible speaks of them. Most recently is the story of the Kandahar Giant in Afganistan. There are a couple of accounts of this from military and they are very compelling.

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Research On Gilgamesh.

Why Did Killary Want The Body?

The World Is Full Of Smoke & Mirrors.

His-Story Is A Lie.

Seek The Truth

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The simple question is, why would they be in an area that clearly has nowhere for them to go?

To be frank about it, we live in the photoshop age, we should know better than to be sharing this stuff.

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In support of the person that posted the photo. You will learn that this is not a digital photo. Thus it is not photo shopped. This is just one of 100's of analog photos. During the Great Awakening with the movie 24/7 it will not be in digital for the very response you just said. Digital is manipulated and can be purely photo shopped. The former photo methods you can't alter in any way shape or form. You need to focus on research that proves it without a doubt this to be true. The giants lived amongst the populace. The elites did everything in their power to destroy the evidence. Just as they did when they destroyed all the electrical power back in the early 1800's and led us to believe Thomas Edison/A 33rd degree Mason invented electricity. The giants are descended from the nephilim having breed with a human. This goes back 1000's of years.

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I Respect Your Views. However, You're Incorrect. I May And Can Post Whatever I Want.

This Is My Profile, And I AM Exercising My Freedom Of Speech. Is That Not What We Are All Striving For? So Other Can Not Silence Our Voice? I Simply Am Giving My Truth, And Perspective. I Have Done Research.

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100 percent Patriot! God is my savior. Trump is till my president 💕 Suspended from Twitter 8 times 😂

Reminds me of when we went to Ripley’s Believe it or not museum in Niagara Falls (Canada side). Im starting to think most if Ripley stuff is more true than not

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The Giants Now Live Inside The Earth. Earth Is Much Bigger Than We Were Told. They Are Coming Back.

I'm a happily married patriot. I am here to learn and share the truth. I am looking forward to President Trumps return & the Great Awakening

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I've been there. I believe it is all real.

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Any theories or stories of their demise? Sad and interesting.

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The Resets Of The World. The Powers That Be Infiltrated And Took It All And Corrupted It. Most Were Petrified. Others Were Flat Out Taken Out.

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I'm a happily married patriot. I am here to learn and share the truth. I am looking forward to President Trumps return & the Great Awakening

They look like gentle giants....not nephilim.

Correct, Good Observation

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The Nephilim were extremely muscular, powerful, very fast, savage warriors and hunters who would eat everything. These "current era" giants were built more like we are, and you can see in the last photo some were even a bit frail.

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Wow. Never saw such photo´s of "Them". Amazing. Obviously they were real. Thanks for sharing!

Conspiracy is not just a theory when you have the facts! I've been gathering evidence for over 45 yrs. Built my first computer from scratch.

yes, yes, I agree.

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that last one was biblical👀🔎

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