Oh, just to let you all know Operation Wipeout has failed
you know when donnie said " It is going to be biblical'
Well, his plan failed,

You people failed to destroy humanity and failed to destroy Mother Earth
many of you anons here made that possible and nearly destroyed all of us...
trump's family is wearing trackers now,they are still waiting to be taken to safe location with many other elite members
We know who you are and where you are and there is no safe place for you, it is great that your cabal did mark you down for us, not that we didn't know where you are and who you are talking to anyway

juan is not jfk
he had just tried to destroy all of us here on Earth
his phone records and current location is known
kushner's location and phone records are all recorded and known

you guys keep doing what you are doing,you just lost all your operatives,all over the world, so no tsunamis,no earthquakes,no solar flare, no apocalypse
We survive,we thrive, no matter what y

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