I love God, my Country and my Corps, try to mess with any of them and we are going to have a problem. I like to dig Q and dig deep.

I pray the Lord God protect all those who look upon these pictures. Keep them free from the demons they represent and have them gain wisdom in what they face. Let them know these evils are real and you and your divine mercy are the only salvation. Send your angels to guard them as they sleep for it is in the dream realm that Witches have their most power. Let them know that darkness brings greater evils and that is why it has been feared. Let them understand that those who know this to be true don't sleep. Cover them in your armor father for it is only with it we stand a chance to defeat these demons. Give them faith for without faith we are nothing. I pray these things in your name Father, Amen.

⚔WOMAN WARRIOR🕊 🐸WWG1WGA🐸 Grateful for your friendship🙏 ♾5D Vibes, love & light🌅

The more we need to dig in into our lives, the more disillusioned we get about the authenticity of our existence
The USA Corp. & The Constitution does not exist anymore

The clown President of the now defunct USA Corp. is Biden-he has a crack addict son
The last President-Republic of the USA 18th was Ulysses S. Grant 1869-1877 & 19th President is Donald J. Trump 2021-infinity
Taxation without representation Congress-Senate is totally corrupt-in bed with the CABAL
The cabal rules & governs every aspect of the world

All government agencies R corrupt
ET's R here since the begining of times & we're the last 2find out
Witches, Warlocks, dark magic spells R all real
Satanism, luciferians, devil worshipping is practiced all over the world
ELITE Secret Societies R evil
Cannibals, Vampires, Werewolves, Big Foot exist
Criminal Mafias are everywhere-child, human, drugs, arms traff

Hello Frens! Here I am. Glad to have found you A little battle worn but STILL IN IT! Keeping love in my heart and "Peace as the Prize"

In response Mike Anon to his Publication

wow! All this inversion stuff and gender switches is making my head explode! Way many more under Satan's rule than I ever would have imagined! One question though is: why did they make Man ala Harris so unattractive? Don't they have better masks?😳😳

HI ALL ! if a not follow back its because i dont know yet how to organize such amout of accounts yet, untill i dont get used to platform !

In response Bella Kay to her Publication



#Gematria //#FAKE#Comms // #OVERDUE / #HOPIUM/ /#LARP


Tuesday February 23, 2021

Tues 02/23/2021

2 02/23/2021


2 223 23

#223 #223

#223 | #322

Nested 223 on 02/23, pretty darn cool.


-- One woman's dryer still works after 51 years--

my fellow americans the storm is upon us now

i have come to#reap the wicked #satanic#MASONS#witches 3856 2988 498

" #RED #OCTOBER > THE #storm"

= 223 (English Ordinal) 223 = 48th Prime

In response Veronica Wolski to her Publication

You are beautiful❤️✌️ I would love to know you❤️💯🗣The people are scared stuck up people😂! The men dont have balls! And the women are witches🤨😁 Have a good day! I love to see your work!!! You inspire people!

#wwg1wga #thegreatawakening #godwins im a patriot from the land chosen by the true order of templars

cant open my profile ..... witches be brewing

In response The Mac to his Publication

G proteins, also known as guanine nucleotide-binding proteins, are a family of proteins that act as molecular switches inside cells, and are involved in transmitting signals from a variety of stimuli outside a cell to its interior. Their activity is regulated by factors that control their ability to bind to and hydrolyze guanosine triphosphate (GTP) to guanosine diphosphate (GDP). When they are bound to GTP, they are 'on', and, when they are bound to GDP, they are 'off'. G proteins belong to the larger group of enzymes called GTPases.

Anon, Patriot, 873G5 on Twitter, Trump is my President, Patriot Party

In response CM_ Patriot to his Publication

There is no doubt in my mind that these ladies belong to a coven, the most powerful coven is in California, it includes Warlocks they are the most dangerous people in our country. Schiff, Pelosi, Swalloswell all the way down the coast to Katie Porter. Witches and Warlocks are in control of the USA. God help US

#Lukewarmisforlostsouls I don't bow to darkness. I look it in the eyes and let the Holy Spirit take the lead.

What I hate abotTikTok...New Age..Witches..Warlocks... You cannot serve 2 masters. Everyone is a light worker and Shaman and they claim to be doing the work of God. Turn away from it and close the doors to the demonic. Astrial Projection will have you in the arms of demons. Been there...Done that never going back. The gifts of God fulfill us and a relationship with him and having Holy spirit we don't have to seek outside of ourselves for any answer we need because they provide it....straight from the source. No 4thparty information needed. Break off the ties that bind.

Obelisks, Freemason and JFK Assassination. How are they all connected? (9 pics)
Was JFK assssination a ritual? WITCHES & WARLOCKS

American patriot, freedoms keeper, mom gramma, and honestly tired of the corrupt politicians swamp creatures 🇺🇸❤️🙏🏼 Imperfect Christian

In response Denise America to her Publication

sorry but my instinct comes from God and the Holy Spirit not by fortune telling which God also said is sorcory wizard warlock witche craft wicka witches like that movie with them kids using magic, oh but its just a movie?

Truth matters.💯💕🙏🙏💕 John 14:6 I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by Me.

In response EPJones Author to her Publication

Wretched Nightmere is destroying Michigan. i hope all 3 of our commie witches pay for their crimes 👹👹👹

just a lil patriot wondering around this strange place called exile. 🇺🇸 **twatter & buttbook are weenies**

i have prayed endlessly for God to free Kanye from these vile witches. this video makes my blood boil!!!!! another musical genius struggling to be free from the occult and it is heart wrenching to watch them using mind control to keep him as their puppet

DIgital Soldier known for causing a Social Disruption. Holding the line for President Trump and defending our freedoms everyday. Blessed.

In response Social Disruption to his Publication

This all leads to Dr. Strange 2: The Multiverse of Madness and the Eternals movies down the line.

Imagine trying to explain to the general public that Wizards, Warlocks, and Witches and magic are real. Now imagine demons, vampires, ghouls, monsters, and ancient Gods. Imagine trying showing people a portal to another time, place, or reality. They might just lose their grip on reality and have a mental breakdown...

Unless you show them everything up front in film and claim it is all just fiction. No harm, no foul. It's all just make believe, no need to worry or question how it all works.

But what happens when that MCU concepts of space & time start bleed into our timeline and they can't hide the tech any longer?

Just keep in mind, "We have a Hulk."

Professional Free Spirit ✨ On a Mission for Mother Hearth💚 #KennedyVision Ambassador 🕊️ #FamilyIsEverything💖

In response Aortic Warrior73 to her Publication

What if Esther represents the divine feminine? What if Esther embodies love, courage, patience, faith, all the good qualities of a woman, of a mother? What if there Is a Esther inside of every one of you my beautiful powerful fellow female Patriots? Every woman is a queen. What if God woke us up to fight with our love against the power of [their] evil witches? Something to think about. 🙏❤️✨

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