LIBERTY JUSTICE4ALL donated @LibertyNJustice4All
18 August, 07:14
For over 35 yrs living here socal, only experienced sunshine/heatwave & few storms, more so in the past few yrs due to gridwork BTS...But not a hurricane (since 1930s) inching to lower SW. Although, growing up in the Phil Islands I did experienced them a few times as a child, recalling days of floods after the typhoons at my Grandmas house in the Mind-ORO island (Gold-Ancient Lemurian Island, why I was the GK activated to do many of the Gold regions in CA & across her system, for repair/restoration gridwork)...

Why now... per the map where is that new circle, biome energetic ring, for the Giants, her Root system... 🎄#TheMajesticStormCleansingByMotherGoddess #watchCA #watchthewater #NowComesThePainToTheSwampWhoHurtHerOnceMajesticGarden #BoomerangJustice #TheGreatFilter_RaptureStormsOfTheAges
Hurricane Hilary: First-ever Tropical Storm issued for California | LiveNOW from FOX - YouTube

Subscribe to LiveNOW from FOX! to watch LiveNOW from FOX: us @Li...

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17 August, 01:01
It's 17th August 2023!

8-17-20-23 #Hillary #Q #Trump #pain

F35 Reg DEFAULT was ar RAF Marham in England earlier today. When I checked on it later its dashed tracking from near Phoenix disappeared, F35LTNG appearing back near Phoenix with no return tracking.

The times follow on so look to be correct, with times only showing on the solid tracking at marked points.

The last time in its position near Phoenix before it dashed off to near Castle Rock Lake is 16.12.07. Time showing where the dashed tracking ended is 16.12.48. 41 seconds?! Impossible?!

The distance fro Phoenix to Castle Rock Lake is 572.85 miles, maybe a little less than that.

500 miles as a rough estimate, x60/41 miles per minute, x60 miles per hour = 43,903 mph. ~44mph

I've seen military planes using #Qcomms , this has to be one of them! #watchthewater

#CastleRock #GHWBush #POTUS41

#Q4433 Jun 06, 2020 5:38:47 PM EDT
June 6th #DDay #44Obama #33Freemasons #47Biden

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Patriot Fury ⭐⭐⭐ @QFlagPin
31 July, 11:14 (E)

I believe the #watchthewater event is unfolding right before our very eyes.

All of Asia is currently under attack by an advanced Directed Energy Weapon (#DEW) that is located beneath the ice in Antarctica (you can't make this stuff up).

The flooding we see across Asia is being caused by powerful radio waves directed toward the Hawaiian Islands - where moisture is being pushed back to the west. Watch this incredible YT video (published yesterday) to see how the energy beam is swamping Asia with waves of drenching rain that will continue until someone cuts the power:

The energy weapon is an advanced HAARP-like machine called the 'Ice Cube Neutrino Detector'. It was recently brought to light by Eric Hecker, an engineer who describes what he learned during his one year deployment to Antarctica. Here is his Whistleblower's report on it:
Huge Long Lasting DEW Weapon Deployed Across The Earth - YouTube

Huge Long Lasting DEW Weapon Deployed Across The Earth

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Lisa Groenewoud @VictoryOfTheLight369
24 July, 06:28
BREAKING: Barack Obama's personal chef Tafari Campbell is identified as man found dead after paddle boarding accident near Obama's Martha's Vineyard home.


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Age of Enlightenment @Sparrows
16 July, 08:41
I see this as either the First Sighting of the moon in the middle east on 18th MAHARRAM when the sun goes down or 23rd when the moon phase is similar.

Make no Mistake this is the Ethereum Crash, International Shipping being halted, Ethereum Pathfinder into Stellar & Project Guardian

#watchthewater 11.3

Fireworks, Justice, Currency Change when Crown dies. Means J P Morgan creator of Financial System, Ethereum infrastructure [Via Pendulum Ecosystem] and owning most international shipping.

PBK taught Lunar Dates for a reason.

11.4 Q4587 Delta July 17 [Monday]
Mass Cyber Attacks [NOAH's Arc
July 17 = July 4 on Julian Calendar

Saudi to Flip to BRICS- Operation Sandman - See Evergrande Map, Reports drop etc thinking this is the leaks. Israel will bomb Saudi. Then release the frogs Exodus 8 3

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