Laurie Sunshine @HeavenlySunshine2022
05 December, 05:33
This was filmed in 1985 — the year before vaccines became liability free.

🦅 Think free. They can’t tell you what to do, how to do. Be your own boss. 🇺🇸


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Keith Selin @Keithselin
05 December, 04:58
It's all one big club and they are all in it together to conspire against you.

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Johnny Five @Johnny_5
05 December, 03:47
Where is the accountability for the Covid atrocity?

Supposedly "The FDA has regulatory processes in place to facilitate the development of COVID-19 vaccines that meet the FDA's rigorous scientific standards."

But covid vaccines that they tried to force us to take didn't work. In fact, there is evidence that they did the opposite...causing widespread injury, etc. In many instances, the data was repeatedly covered up, or revised.

So now this agency, which pushed these vaccines on us by attempting to coerce us into taking them, and
is also taxpayer funded, doesn't have to be held accountable?

We just continue on with business as usual as if nothing happens? That it...

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Roy Herman Kellerman @RoyHermanKellerman
05 December, 01:11

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mars 1776 donated @mars_1776
05 December, 11:52
Evidence that "white lung disease" is Jab related.

Mycoplasma pneumonia is one of these atypical types of pneumonia that causes the “white lung disease” X-rays. We also see that it is typically “mild” and also known as walking pneumonia (which sounds substantially less scary than white lung disease). Now let’s bring this back around to the problem no one wants to talk about.

There appears to be a causal relationship between the mRNA (actually modRNA) vaccines and Mycoplasma pneumonia. My best guess is that this is because the spike proteins that your body makes after being injected with the COVID jabs attack your lungs in the same way COVID does… the spike is the same pathogen in both. I will grant you that I’m not a scientist but I’d love someone to give me a real explanation as to why the spike is dangerous in COVID and not in the vaccines (the reality is that it’s deadly in both). Since I don’t expect this to happen I’m standing behind this conclusion.


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