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I hear you 🙏💞
I live in S CA & today is THE most GORGEOUS day.
Sunshine. Not too hot. Perfect.

Alone in their car
on the street
on the beach
in the grocery store

When school gets out I see 1/2 the kids wearing masks
even though there is NO MASK MANDATE.

Stockholm Syndrome on steroids?

Lord 🤬

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🔴STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday said he had agreed new deals with Sweden and Finland to bolster European security, pledging to support both countries' armed forces should they come under attack.

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Focusing characteristics of the designed metalens. The intensity maps are obtained by setting the incident angles as (a) 0° and (b) 30°, respectively. Metalens height: 215 nm. Slit widths: 10-30 nm. Material in slits: air. All the sub-figures have been normalized by the maximal intensity. Before answering how these metalens can help in enhancing the signal associated with a killer defect on the patterned wafer, we first analyze the focusing characteristics of a precisely tailored metalens, as shown in Fig. 2. The 2D full-wave simulation is conducted using the wave optics module of COMSOL Multiphysics ○ R Modeling Software (version 5.2, COMSOL, Inc., Stockholm, Sweden).

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-A hostage's development of positive feelings towards the captor
- No previous relationship between hostage and captor
-A refusal by hostages to cooperate with police and other government authorities
-A hostage's belief in the humanity of the captor, ceasing to perceive them as a threat, when the victim holds the same values as the aggressor.

#Patriot Christian, US Marine, retired State Trooper, active shooter instructor, husband to the most awesome Wife a man could ever have.

Holy Crap – Two woman throw their own poop at each other on a public street in Stockholm

Conspiracy is not just a theory when you have the facts! I've been gathering evidence for over 45 yrs. Built my first computer from scratch.

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That is not what followers are supposed to be like. Being unashamed about being unbroken maybe? The awake really stand out lately.
I would have never believed the extent of Stockholm syndrome until I witnessed it first hand. Hopefully that is the last for him. Watch yourself.

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i was diagnosed with bipolar, chrinic anxiety, clinical depresaion, and finally stockholm syndrome. meds never helped.

when i finally surrendreded to the idea that someone, some meds, or anything was going to help, I began the process of a true spiritual awakening. all the answers came from within with the help of God shifting the way i think

it was “peeling” away the onion to get to root causes and conditions.

I also had a spiritual counselor that would have never reccommended drugs

instead one must be guided.

prayer: whats wrong
medittaion: answer
fast: from all the old lines of thinking

"Men have forgotten this truth," said the fox. "But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tame

ROFL 🤣🤣🤣

A rare flash crash in European stocks caused by a Citigroup Inc. trader highlights the risks from computer-initiated sell orders exacerbating a single human error.

The OMX Stockholm 30 Index slumped as much as 8% in just five minutes before 10 a.m. CET on Monday, but quickly recovered most of the losses. A trader at Citi’s London desk made an error inputting a transaction, sparking an abrupt selloff across European equities that briefly wiped out 300 billion euros ($315 billion).

“The problem is not the mistake per se, but all the algorithms and stops that were triggered,” said John Plassard, a director at Mirabaud & Cie. “It shows the market is always vulnerable to human error and that algorithms and various CTAs are far too present in markets,”

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🔴Sweden to Bypass Referendum on NATO - Citizens won't be given a choice

Stockholm won't hold a public vote on joining the military alliance, if parliament approves the measure. Swedish PM Andersson said it would be a "bad idea" to have a referendum.

“I don’t think it's an issue that is suitable for a referendum,” the Swedish leader told reporters, implying that Parliament’s support was sufficient. “There's a lot of information about national security that is confidential, so there are important issues in such a referendum that can't be discussed & important facts that can't be put on the table,” she explained.

A majority of Parliament is reportedly backing NATO membership, while Andersson’s own party, the Social Democrats, is considered the primary obstacle to Stockholm signing on to the 30-country alliance.

Sweden & Finland are planning to simultaneously submit membership applications to NATO in mid-May, local media have reported, citing govt sources.


These are my personal ®️ notes from the 💜 heart, mind 🛸, and 💫 soul. 22:12 10:12 🌈 Let's FLookiN GLOW! #fLooKen ⋊Λ 🌈1812

Ok, this always craving cigarette thing has to STOP. It kills the vibe because I have to get up and walk away from the music. Perhaps I could have one more and by the time I crave another, this will be OVER. The cigarette is a trigger when I am doing something that makes me uncomfortable like talking about :

John Allen Cunningham Jr.
Tamura Charlene Cunningham/Luckett

Randy Wayne Allen
Diane Roberta Allen/Torres

They make me feel like absolute shit! It was easier to just forgive and forget, but that isn't the right thing to do. The right thing to do is see to it the angel of death knocks on their doors tonight. I always went back because I truly did love regardless of the abuse, what do they call that...Stockholm syndrome?

my allegiance is to the people for which we stand one world undivided with liberty and justice for all Everyone is a victim of ritual abuse. it manifests as stockholm syndrome and thats exactly why we havent stood up and peacefully walked all the satanists into dungeons, our programmed reactions are in fact passive aggression which is in the end programmed to be ultimately violent to justify a violent overpowering in the event we should rise and remove them, Thats why we are all sitting on our butts firing word bullets instead of peacefully escorting them all out and down.

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🔴World Military Spending Higher Than Ever

Governments’ military spending has surpassed $2 trillion (€1.8 trillion) for the first time last year, according to a new report published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

The total number adds up to $2.113 trillion, a 12$ increase from 10 years ago, marking the seventh consecutive year that military spending increased.

The usual suspects have once again become the largest spenders, with the US accounting for a whopping 38% of all military spending in the world. China is a distant second with 14%, followed by India, UK and Russia, who all have spent less than 4% each.

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ChildOfGod⛪Patriot🇺🇸FreedomFighter🗽DigitalSoldier 👩‍💻WWG1WGAWW🌎T410-B128🤟Covfefe is "In the end we win."✝️God woke you for a reason!

🔴UK’s flagship carrier cancels popular routes

UK’s largest airline, British Airways, has axed hundreds of flights up until September on some of its most popular routes, including to the United States and the Far East. The company has already canceled more than 1,000 flights in little more than three weeks, according to media reports.

Among the routes affected were London to Berlin, Dublin, Geneva, Paris, Stockholm, Athens, and Prague. On Wednesday alone, about 112 flights to European and Mediterranean locations were removed from the schedule, after 96 flights were canceled the previous day.

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well, there is something to be learned in the Depp/Heard drama. Namely, Depp was abused as a child and suffers from Stockholm's Syndrome. This is something that America, Sweden, and other countries are obviously suffering from, as we accept abuse from government officials, imported gangs, Disney, etc., etc.

An excommunicated wanderer examining this experience of existence until execution...

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"We're a free people with a government controlled by we the people."

*Immediately rescinds rights to appease the newly appointed ruling class*

That is the natural progression of any and all governments. If they don't reach that point, it's because they were conquered and destroyed by a gov't that did.

A truly free people have no reason to fear an invasion, for any potential invaders would simply know better.

All the reasons [they] have ever told us as to why we need a gov't is pure bullshit. Accepting yet another gov't to replace the hundreds that failed and turned against humanity before it is nothing more than the Stockholm Syndrome, created by Satan in the first place, still having such a solid grip over humanity, as to allow the continuance of the mind-control we call "government."

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