No one who takes POTUS seriously calls him “Former President.”

Flip Floppers Gone Flop !


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No kidding, I was just thinking about this a little yesterday and even more today. I seriously wonder what would be if we all stopped and collectively and simultaneously and welcomed the Holy Spirit and all good things. Why not manifest “Thy Kingdom”?

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Can I just say, there is no such thing as a dumb Anon! Nope,nay, nein, no fooking way! We are all here to learn and make a difference. And like you said, knowing about the parasites and the evil that has really been happening in our world - the level of evil done to children; to seek the truth - that is what is of upmost importance. There is so much to take in and to learn. You did make me think of the show 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader.' We watched old re-runs a while back. Seriously, that show makes you really feel like poop, especially when they are still on the 1st Grade questions and you can't answer correctly! 😅 Had that happen a few times! 🤣🤣

Prayer Warrior, Grammy, Q & the Word of God! 🇺🇸Donald J Trump is STILL the President!!🇺🇸 #MAGA #MIGA #JerusalemUndivided

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I know, but seriously, what does it mean ?
I know he ISNT BLM of course, it just loiks like their sign. 😀

I believe in and will fight for freedom! Truth seeker and staunch President Trump supporter! #WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🦅

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Wow. Seriously. Yours, I believe, is a prophetic dream. Understanding what it means depends on how you felt when the little boy said the word.

“Wormwood” is mentioned in the book of revelations. Literally, it is an oil derived from the Absinthos plant. Historically, it was used to kill intestinal parasitew, and is very BITTER.
Interpretations of how it is referenced in the Bibile vary - some say it is an Angel that drops a “star” on the Earth that causes one third of the Earth’s rivers (fresh water) to “turn bitter” ie. “poisoned”, others say that “wormwood” is the “star” (eg. comet, meteor, bomb?) that strikes the Earth.

Either way, your dream may have given you (and now us because you shared it) insight into the “near death even” we are anticipating. I believe now that whatever that event will be, it will come from the sky.

Have a listen to this lady. You’ll understand:

If we are to take Trump's slogans seriously, it is not very likely for The Best Is Yet To Come to coincide with most people losing 3/4 of their family and friends.

Fake pandemic, fake genocide?

I like it.

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tucker or this weird dude? (sold his soul)

i watched this freaks' early stuff and he was off the rails THEN

but seriously thank you for saying so ✅ so i can look up tucker and watch (i quit watching fox before nov 2020)

peace & blessings ❣️

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no one who has done their homework would take Leigh Dundas Chief Counsel for The Church of Money Laundering and Evil, i mean Ladder Day Saint seriously.

Also counsel for Disney Corporation.

Also present at J6 being agent provocateur.

Also spends her time touring with the Clay Clark grift circus.

Also really obviously a deep state operative. Heglian Dialectic.

Flynn run Gateway Pundit should be cast into the Pit too.

Chastisement will come for those who God sends the operation of error, that they may believe lying.

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3, took it seriously at first, until it became obvious.
Whole family got pretty sick though, twice.

I strongly believe we will have no mid-term elections. [They] will come up with something to put them on “hold”. I am hoping that we don’t make the mid-terms and Q does their thing before that. I have complete faith that God is on our side and assisting us. Anonup has been#HomeBase (thanks Dee) for a lot of us for a while now. You guys are seriously family now! I listen and talk to all of you more than most of my family. The calm during the storm. I am at peace with all that is happening in this#Fooked world right now because I know I can come on here and immediately be cheered up. The storm is just off the coast frens, batten down the hatches and prepare. We will ride this out together because#FamilyIsEverything and all of you are my extended family now. Godspeed Patriots

We are in a Spiritual War! #GoodvsEvil #WeThePeople #DarkToLight #Freedom #𝖂𝖂𝕲1𝖂𝕲𝕬

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👀Are they seriously going to spin that for the better???
Holy Moly!

my allegiance is to the people for which we stand one world undivided with liberty and justice for all

i cant look at her, seriously her energy makes me angry. shes done shit she should be shot for shit i cant see but sense. this to me is bearable but i dont enjoy all of the mockery on top its sick in and of itself

Proud military wife, mom and grand mother. Family first always, unapologetic patriot. DJT is my only POTUS GAB social: Gigi1217

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seriously....why insult Ms. Piggy like that? 😆😆😆😆😆

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