Ice Kates donated @IceKates
27 June, 10:23
Suffering in silence…what does that mean?

Most see a smile on one’s face, but do not know the turmoil inside one’s head.
Most see the accolades on one’s chest, but do not know the price paid to earn them.
Most cannot relate with those who have experienced traumatic situations, and those who have experienced them feel that they are broken, wrong, or secluded.

PTS awareness is not a monthly celebration, but a daily task to ensure we are taking care of one another. 20 years in combat, unfortunate events, and life in general can throw many challenges at us. Remember, we have each other to rely on. Talk about it, seek help, and know that this teammate is here for you to navigate this minefield called PTS.
~Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman
#seac4 #Military #mentalhealth #ptsdawareness

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Heather North @NCPatriotMom
17 March, 11:40
The Joint Staff twitter account just RTed. (Gen Milley, Gen Hyten and SEAC4 official blue check mark acct)

"🚨🚨🚨Guess who’s in the theater🚨🚨🚨"


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