Earth Alliance @Hampata
20 July, 11:40
✅ In recent days, there has again been a feeling of a large internal movement of events, from which we are seeing echoes without a complete picture. It was as if the river had intensified its flow under the ice, threatening to break it. At such moments, more “army” observations and reactions from eyewitnesses appear.✅

_"I was refueling...talked to a guy from the National Guard...he was serious. I asked a couple of questions, the last one: “is this a weekend exercise?”, he said no. I asked “2-3 weeks?” he answered “yes.” His boss came up and said not to talk... I left.

This is 100% verified from Monticello, Indiana, USA!! "

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Earth Alliance @Hampata
20 July, 11:13
👆🚨 SwiftOnSecu...🚨👆
To be clear, fixing this issue with CrowdStrike will require physical access to each computer. Some of the machines will not be able to enter recovery mode and will require booting from a USB drive. There is no way to fix this issue centrally because it occurs before anything is loaded.
This is a true Black Swan, although similar situations have happened on a smaller scale before and are a known risk when working with kernel drivers. I won't go into detail, but it's unlike any other software.
Additionally, recovery becomes more complex on several levels for enterprise machines when performing an official patch. This will include obtaining the BitLocker recovery key for the machines, which only IT can do, as well as the administrator password, which only IT can also obtain. Look here for ideas on workarounds:

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Sylvie Fourcade @sylviefourcade
20 July, 08:46
#France #Paris Un violent incendie en cours dans un immeuble du 2e arrondissement
L’incendie se propage au niveau du toit du bâtiment, situé à l'angle de la rue du #Sentier et de la rue des #Jeûneurs . 🙏

Des flammes s'échappent du toit du bâtiment.
La police et les pompiers sont sur place. Les soldats du feu ont installé deux échelles surmontées de nacelles contre la façade. Plusieurs d'entre eux ont pu gagner les balcons. Ils tentent d'éteindre les flammes à l'aide d'une lance.
De la fumée était visible jusqu'à l'entrée de la rue, sur le Boulevard Poissonnière, où une poignée de touristes, passants et riverains se sont arrêtés.
Une photo postée par un internaute sur le réseau X montre les flammes ravager le toit du bâtiment.

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Beth Angel McPatriot @AngelMcPatriot
19 July, 08:27
hmmm...could THIS be the REAL reason (or part of it) for the CrowdStrike, 'sorry this happened' downing of the systems?

Cash Is King is trending on X, including Oz where systems are still down.:

James Melville 🚜
Donald Trump: “I will never allow for the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency”.


Neither will we. We reject the idea completely. It fixes nothing. It complicates everything. And today's little meltdown with a simple coding error on a system driver is all you need to know. Cash is King.

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Naveen's Driving School @naveensdrivingschool
19 July, 01:36
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