Richie Richard

God Family Country I love my County and my countrymen. Searching for the Truth. Support those who truly support America. WWG1WGA!

News from Gab users. Pedos and Antifa trying to infiltrate Patriot sites. Please be aware.

Divine Dirtclod

I trust only the ones I love. I'm a verbal assassin, a #SaveOurChildren sniper. I spread God, Truth and Love. I'm not here for followers..

In response Morgana Epsilon to her Publication

Pedos are not humane, they deserve am inhumane punishment..nuff said

Morgana Epsilon

#MamaBear #Cannabis #Lightbender #Eternal #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #NCSWIC

In response Divine Dirtclod to his Publication

I've noticed the topic of killing pedos makes people uncomfortable...seems to be mostly Christians who believe killing is wrong...yet they are ok with putting dogs down that attack kids 🙄 We need to normalize SEVERE punishment for those who harm the most innocent. God does NOT judge that, I promise you ✨ It's the RIGHT thing to do to END the cycle

Morgana Epsilon

#MamaBear #Cannabis #Lightbender #Eternal #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #NCSWIC

They'll put down dogs for attacking children but NOT pedos?? That's WRONG 🤬

i was believing Biden would never be innaugurated. now, i keep waiting for the movie to start......Dems removed/arrested......Trump reinstated…the pedos taken down…… Someone, ANYONE.....make me believe again. i just don't lnow that anything will happen. We are stuck with sleepy Joe.

Willy Williams

AB Negative Patriot from Canada with Zero Patience for Satanists and Morons

Lord Forgive me for Wanting to Smash Trannys and Pedos

Sabrina Gal

Big ❤️, cancer survivor, tyranny fighter. God, family and country are everything. Float in Faith. The Divine awaits. 🕊

Just in case you missed it, these two Pedos are#Fooked.

Morning Glory

Formerly wickerbasket20. Q. Trump. Female. 50's. Can't decode, but digital soldier nonetheless. On: Rumble,WeGo

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Although I don't care for these pedos, I must say something about the b4 and after adrenochrome stuff. I think it's bs. I do because I've seen Ellen at another time without makeup and she's old folks. Come on, you can look on YT and see what makeup does. PLUS we know the CGI is too prevalent to be reliable for the most part.
Besides I'm sure they still are getting their blood. We haven't taken the unknown ones in yet. Just the public ones.
Unless more arrests are happening than we know, which is possible.
Either way, pics r unconvincing IMHO.

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I wd love to know. A few years ago I watched a video saying Walt was set up in business by the pedos/DS. His cartoons were violent. He had issues. He had overnight success. Ill try and find the video.

Theresa Miller


This World has no place for Pedos! This is not normal I will never recognize it as an illness! It is criminal! These people are sick!

In response Doq Holliday to his Publication

there is much evidence for the "may have been". It is bigger than gov't . So many pedos rounded up and traitors taken away.. May take some time for the real story to come out

In response Maria Vox to her Publication

Agreed, I just see us turning into those who we Hate. Name calling, Calling People Pedos with no evidence, also how they are all Satanic. I do not believe Biden Is, nor Lady Gaga and others like that are. Am I disappointed in some of these peoples choice in the president but thats it, their choice. I also think Biden is being used and has Dementia as I know what it is like first hand. I feel Sad for Biden and believe it or not I pray for him.

Eileen same as

TrueQ Red White & Blue Patriot ! Love God, family & Patriots ! Support our Vets/Military Children lives matter Just love my America

In response Qbero Gilavega to his Publication

Some of these pedos aren't even women. Tranny trash

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