Joelle Clista @Patriotsandthelike
04 July, 10:00
Please share, this young boy is missing! #missingchild

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Silver Cat @silvercat
04 May, 11:20
Ted Gunderson retired from the FBI in 1979.. He became exposed to the world of satanic abuse after retiring and becoming a private investigator. He became interested in the mysterious case of Dr. Jeffrey McDonald, a Fort Bragg Army physician who was convicted of murdering his wife and three children in a bloodbath at his home in the early 1970's. The murder scene included satanic symbols scrawled everywhere with the victims' blood. He was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences. Ted found proof, including the confession of one of the satanic cult members responsible for the murders, that McDonald was innocent; being framed for the murders to cover up the investigation that led to McDonald's discovery of evidence at the hospital where he worked, that drugs were being shipped inside body bags and body cavities from Vietnam along with a huge CIA drug distrbution operation out of Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.https://educate-yourself.o...

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