Carole Parnell donated @MagaMutt
02 September, 05:46

Melanoma incidence and frequency modulation (FM) broadcasting
The incidence of melanoma has been linked to the distance to frequency modulation (FM) broadcasting towers. The exposure-time-specific incidence from all 4 countries became almost identical, and they were approximately equal to the reported age-specific incidence of melanoma. A correlation between melanoma incidence and the number of locally receivable FM transmitters was found. The authors concluded that melanoma is associated with exposure to FM broadcasting

Malignant melanoma of the skin - not a sunshine story!
We conclude that continuous disturbance of cell repair mechanisms by body-resonant electromagnetic fields seems to amplify the carcinogenic effects resulting from cell damage caused e.g. by UV-radiation

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Myra Raney @myralynnr
24 June, 07:32
Will we ever have access to the med beds? It needs to happen soon. My dad has had squamous cell melanoma all over his legs for years. He is getting old, 91. He has other health problems as well. They already kept this technology from us and I lost my little boy to leukemia. My dear friend took three jabs to keep her job, now she is disabled, and so frail, I'm afraid she won't make it much longer. I'm in constant pain and have been for 35 years. They need to release these beds NOW!

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Experiment 626 Ziusudra Shinigami Apotheosis @Experiment626
18 May, 07:31
I'll just leave this here.

There are 14.8 cases of malignant melanoma in Israel per 100,000 men and 14.4 cases per 100,000 women. This is less than half the rate in Australia but higher than in North America, double the rate in the European Union and up to 14 times higher than on all other continents.

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Maddy McCullough @Missingmaddy
09 May, 01:18
Drug derived from the fruit of the blushwood tree kills cancerous tumours long-term in animals in 70% of cases


The drug, called EBC-46, was produced by extracting a compound from the berry of the blushwood tree, a plant only found in specific areas of the Atherton Tablelands.

A single injection of the drug directly into melanoma models in the laboratory, as well as into cancers of the head, neck and colon in animals, destroyed the tumours long-term in more than 70% of cases, the study’s lead author, Dr Glen Boyle, said.

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Phantom Virus2020 @Phantomvirus2020
06 April, 02:48
Oh I am gonna go out on a limb here and say..this is the clot shot in hiding....

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