Kristin Morgan @KristinMorgan
27 March, 01:43
Veterans wouldn't be homeless, if we were employing them to protect schools.

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Raea Alison Leto @JustAFox
27 March, 03:12
Okay, so gonna live in a tent in the cold for the time being, be AFK form my comp yet again, and innerstand...I can make this go as QUICK as possible to get back to a house. I am in control of the energy I create and the flow of money...I am NOT staying in a tent for more than a WEEK maximum...just saying...It is FUCKEN cold outside...wish the elements were better, but what am I gonna do when there is no other window to climb in at this moment and I have a thourough addiction to music and that is why I don't watch movies and now I want to watch a movie but also here music...I feel so conflicted right now...I could run to ELON TikToks...I probably will just think for a minute...I am REALLY STRESSED OUT...this is NOT a blessing, but at least I ensure my friend stays safe and he isn't alone and I can take him on rides to get job applications and stuff and just have him in FOCUS on him and get my stuff done...It is a place to sleep Raea, but I am not gonna be HOMELESS this is STOOPID.

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jcrew_756 @jcrew_756
26 March, 02:59

And now Cracker Barrel has announced the shuttering of its remaining Portland area locations.

The left-wing utopia of Portland is an increasingly violent place and facing a growing homeless crisis. Local officials do not seem terribly interested in finding solutions or protecting citizens.

Failed Portland Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler appeared to laugh and scoff at a woman during a virtual city council meeting when she raised concerns about the homeless crisis in the city and the safety of Portland’s citizens.

An 82-year-old died after he was brutally beaten in an unprovoked attack at a Portland bus stop.

The city was embroiled conflict for days after the Roe v

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General Carlos @GeneraLCarlosQ17
26 March, 02:18
California governor wants Medicaid to pay rent for homeless, cost $100 million
Proponents of the proposed program, including #newsom , argue that it will save taxpayers money since they will not have to pay as much for these people’s expenses in #hospitals , #nursinghomes and #prisons .

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Raea Alison Leto @JustAFox
25 March, 02:47
Get back on track...11 minutes before I wanted to be out of the house.
Put on a song that Lauren M. gave me as her fight song...suddenly I see her perspective..suddenly it all comes flooding in...SHE WASN'T ATTACKING ME...when she sent that song...or maybe she was...IDK...but I asked for her fight song and it is what she sent me...and she had stated, not to get mad, that I asked...

Suddenly I see the song as a way to fight back against this deviant delaying my process...suddenly I see it in a new light...suddenly I am just off in ANONLAND...dreaming of when I can make contact again on the internet and not have to deal with shitty people...

Song is pumping...Raea really quick pull up here: Okay...what is this place...oh it is a place where the homeless can go to sleep at night...and they have FREE FOOD too...Um...okay...walk in... Walk in thinking to myself...ohhhhhh it's a church...offering love to people in need...I get why these programs exist...but IF A PERSON LIKE HIM DOESN'

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