Thungawd ... @Bipitybopityboo
20 March, 01:20
Biden’s Got to Go. He Believes In:

Defunding the Police
Open Borders
Destroying Our Military
Voter Fraud
Raising Taxe

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downscale ⓌⓌⒼ①ⓌⒼⒶ @downscale
20 March, 12:07
Get ready for plenty more of this.

De-transitioned teen girl sues hospital system over breast-removal surgery at age 13, lawsuit accuses doctors of 'intentional fraud' about transition

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Cheri Lee KS @CheriLeeKS
20 March, 10:23

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Disclosure Library @DisclosureLibrary
20 March, 10:11
Here are some of the people and organizations claiming factual knowledge about and/or contact with extraterrestrial beings and their craft, who are liars Deceivers Frauds Freemasons. Yes including Richard Dolan and Luis Elizondo!

David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Barbara Hand Clow, Steven Greer, Roger Krevin Leir, Paola Harris, Michael SALLA, Emory Smith, Barbara Marciniak, Jacques Vallée, Richard Alan Miller, James Gilliland, Alex Collier, Leslie Kean, Linda Moulton Howe, John Lear, Mary Rodwell, Kerry Cassidy, David Adair, Mark McCandlish, JORDAN SATHER, Graham Hancock, GEORGE KNAPP, BOB LAZAR, JEREMY CORBELL, Richard Dolan, The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt, Joseph P. Farrell, Jim Marrs, Stanton T. Friedman, Ryan Sprague, Nick Pope, Stephen 'Steve' Bassett, Grant Cameron, Bob Lazar,
Thread [Liars and deceivers] [More I/T comments of this thread]

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DNA Forensics Laboratory @dnaforensics
20 March, 08:18
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