Tara Jasper @Tarauncg
17 June, 10:36
Who cares about Trump or Biden. HEAL!!!

Quit doing all that harms you and wondering why you aren’t healthy and happy.

It is YOUR POOR CHOICES! Start making better choices instead of poisoning yourself!!!! Quit relying on the system. It is killing you.

Soda, meat, alcohol, processed foods only, man mad pills, cigarettes, premarital sex- And you wonder why you are sick or not happy?????


Your choices can hurt or help you. Especially your choices while single.


At any point you can say “wait, I want to do things right so I need to leave some things or people behind and glow closer to God/myself so I can love someone right.”

You must take care of you and get healthy in order to give someone else what they need. Does your spouse any to evolve with you? Don’t be left behind because someone doesn’t want to evolve. Follow your inner truth. Settling with no changes will not help you out. #healthyyou

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17 June, 10:11
🚨🇳🇿 “Bird Flu Out Break at Australian Farm”

“400,000 Birds have been euthanized”

More sinister Globalist tactics to attack farmers, reduce food production & bring back more experimental vaccines.

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17 June, 09:48
The WEF has called for a “controlled demolition” of the global food system as part of a “reinvention” of how humans consume food.

In a new article, the WEF declared that meat and traditional farming must be banned to prevent ‘global boiling’.

I’d rather we demolish the WEF.

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Yankee Carolyn @YankeeCarolyn
17 June, 09:41
Back story -
i have really bad "panic disorder" starting age 45
ND couldn't help me. I couldn't stay still (tremors), couldn't drive, racing thoughts, racing heart.
It got so bad I HAD to see an allopath.
I'm on meds.
Saw a new doc recently, said i have high cholesterol. Kidneys, liver, A1C, everything else checks out.
I'm a health food Nazi. They think i eat junk food and lie about it. I buy organic and make 98% of my food from scratch.
Checked my food labels too. No reason i should have high cholesterol.
Then i looked up the side effects of my meds - RAISES CHOLESTEROL
Doc didnt know? Telling me to do shit i already do and doesn't think twice it's my meds?
See. They're fucking stupid.
Now im like, okay how TF do i get off the meds, to not have a heart attack?
So searched the cause of my "panic disorder"
It started just after the shelf life ended for my 6 mercury fillings.
Think also thimerasol/vaccines.
Take it from there.
Mercury Poisoning mirrors panic disorder

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Susan Taapken @Suzy2s
17 June, 09:30
Is Your Baby's 'First Food' Loaded With Toxic Heavy Metals?

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