Trump Girl @DownSouthScotMichelle
01 December, 01:28
Congress can't impeach Mayorkas who is single-handedly destroying America by allowing 10 million illegals and countless terrorists to break into America flooding our schools, our cities, and our hospitals with the 3rd world...

But never fear! Republicans expelled George Santos because of OnlyFans and botox.

How about brother lover Ilhan Omar?
How about magic stock picker Nancy Pelosi?
How about Maxine "I have my whole family on payroll" Waters?
How about genocide advocate Rashida Tlaib?
How about fire alarm freak Jamaal Bowman?
How about gold bar traitor Bob Menedez?
How about the serial liar Adam Schiff?

Everyone of these cowards who voted to expel Santos should get an immediate audit from the Ethics Committee into their personal lives.

All voters want is a GOP that fights as hard as everyday citizens do.
Charlie Kirk

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CM_ Patriot @IMPatriotRU
30 November, 10:35
it is fuck off Friday again

eff off to pedo joe and his crime family

eff off to jack smith and his attack of patriots who love and support trump

eff off to big mike and his gay lover barry

eff off to the see eye ayy and their sick mind control crap and for pushing drugs

eff off to lying eff bee eye for their sick games and lies to america and refusing to do their jobs of protecting america

eff off to the illegal aliens flooding america, and go the fuck home, we don't want you sneaking in illegally!

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Kuntuzangpo UM 1776 - A to Z @Kuntuzangpo1776
29 November, 02:22
"Pizzagate is currently flooding X thanks to Elon Musk. The satanic Pedos are in major panic and are trying to shut the truth down. Many of the Cabal owned online and MSM news outlets are shitting themselves saying that Elon Musk is promoting the conspiracy theory that’s already been debunked. And now reports of solar storms knocking out the internet and blackouts happening are ramping up around the same time when Elon is exposing the truth on Pizzagate in front of millions of his followers. Feels like we are leading up to 11.3 - Podesta arrest.

There’s nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing."

From Yorkshire Lass


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Stephanie Foster @AmericanFoster
29 November, 11:40
I am not familiar with the vault, but there was indeed structural things below the current streets in downtown Albany. My parents (Jim & Jean Pace) bought an ice house at 130 N Front St (about where the splash area is at Flint RiverQuarium now) in the early 1950’s and re-did it into a business up front (Pace Florist) and home behind and below. It was a very cool place to grow up. Having 5 children, they later decided to cut a hole in the floor, add a spiral staircase and build out the underground area with 4 bedrooms for the girls, plus a bathroom and laundry room. They said the original basement “flooring” was one of the first brick streets in Albany. We could indeed hear the music and voices coming from Joe’s Cellar on the same level underground. I don’t know of any tunnel system, but it seems much of the city may have been built up higher and that could be due to flooding from the Flint River.

POST on Face crook about Albany Ga illuminati hotspot.

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Silver Cat @silvercat
28 November, 06:53

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