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05 February, 09:12
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EXCESS DEATHS #GLOBAL #ExcessMortalities #excessmortality #oversterfte

[POST-IT ACTION AT NOS HILVERSUM] The official video made by Davey Buijs. Excess mortality 2022 14,445 excess mortality deaths. There are....... 1203 Per month 276 per week and 39 per day 39 extra deaths a day... It will be your grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister or another loved one.

Translated [Erik Van De Krol, Disclosure Library] from https://t.me/Fall_of_the_C... [Read in Dutch/NL]
[Reduced size video in the comments so it can be shared WW. Right click, save as, download, share]

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04 February, 06:10

Marinda van Driel, 4 februari 2023

Today in the Media Park at the NOS in Hilversum..... 14.445 Post-its, every Post-it is 1 excess mortality dead... As much as you see, that does something to you....

Ludieke actie vandaag in het Media Park bij de NOS in Hilversum.....
14.445 Post-its, iedere Post-it is 1 oversterfte dode...
Zoveel als je het zo ziet, dat doet wel iets met je....


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04 February, 01:09
The roles have been reversed.

Those who in the beginning were still afraid of a 99.98% survival rate flu, but still waited wisely, now sleep like a rose. [That's what we say in Holland if you sleep very good! You say, "sleep like a baby"] We hope they are doing well. A little bit of karma with some extra long days headache + muscle pain for the jab extremists is allowed. Strength for all families who have had to deal with the "mystery" of #excessmortality

De rollen zijn omgedraaid.
Degene die in het begin toch nog bang waren voor een 99.98% survival rate griepje, maar toch verstandig afgewacht hebben, slapen nu als een roosje.
Wij hopen dat het goed met ze gaat. Klein beetje karma met wat extra veel lange dagen hoofdpijn + spierpijn voor de prik-extremisten mag wel.

Sterkte voor alle families die te maken hebben gehad met het "mysterie" van #oversterfte

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