For God so loved the world........ John 3:16. We are living in Biblical Times ...

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Samantha Fox
7———The “7” The “7” ArcheAngels Are Physically Manifest 2022

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"The Bible warns of end times sorcery.


And not just ANY sorcery, but a very specific kind of sorcery shall be prevalent in the end times.

The “sorceries” of which the Bible warns against in the end times [pharmakōn] have to do with drugs–-and while those in the churches have long taught that “drugs” means those drugs of the recreational variety, that is NOT what the various Greek concordances have to say the word means.

pharmakōn also means “medication“—and medication implies one of the many concoctions put together by witches and sorcerers and claimed to be for “healing.”

Another clue to the real meaning of the warnings–if any more were needed–is that pharmakōn is the word used for “pharmacy” and “pharmaceuticals.” So, it appears the Bible was specifically clear in its warning–though moderns have labored LONG and hard to separate pharmaceuticals from its historic roots."

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