Excellent article!!!!

Pro bono for the children. Empath super power. Following our missing children since 2015

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excellent point

Lover of God, my husband & children, parents & siblings! Writer; musician-composer, Family Counselor; Patriot, Thinker who connects dots

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We know! We are, Thank God, AWAKE! The Globalists are now playing whack-a-mole because there are so many of us Patriots, in all Countries!

One thing I have been trying to red-pill many about is: THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE USA! We are fighting for our Country, but also for freedom everywhere! Divided we fall.. ignorant we disappear!

Thanks for all of your knowledge, research, and analysis and excellent commentary! WWG1WGA !! GOD Bless!

God1st PrayerWarrior Healer of bodies & souls

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Once you've delved into the docs on QFS2020, you'll see that it isn't complicated to develop a basic, individualized business plan and, once implemented, there will be oversight from a manager of a local Community Assistance Center to ensure that your business stays on track. My healing center business plan, as LWS recommends, is one page long. The interview is largely to ensure that your motivation to help humanity is authentic. Their personnel will also assist with legal documentation.

Ashka, YOUR training is more applicable to medbeds than mine; don't sell yourself short! Putting together your presentation for the interview will take ~ one day. Love Won provides a GREAT deal of information, you simply have to acquaint yourself with it and add it to your notebook.

You will be given every tool to ensure your success. Once the money is granted, you'll have a team of excellent, intelligent and caring people whose job is to ensure your success.

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I found an EXCELLENT site out of Colorado I called them to confirm cause I am old school. They got the real stuff we are used too. I will hunt it down if ya want, I'll just give you the name and you can find a valid link, I bought a CASE, and just ran out last week, time to reup. Family run. SO many items.

Revolution 🇺🇸of Revelation✝️ #MAGA #JFKJRLives #Freethechildren ❤American Mom 💪and Housewife 📯WWG1WGA 🔔 Truth👀

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wow excellent ..yes

“Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is prepared to build a new global economy from the ground up, ‘A new, restructured world order.’ As she puts it.

The former Federal Reserve chairwoman with a penchant for precise language, is known for her disdain of hyperbole. It’s that aversion to alarmist rhetoric that lends significant weight to the wide-reaching plans.

Something big is right around the corner and it may begin with hyperinflation.

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Excellent point...

Jesus Christ my Savior and Brother, Truth is my search, Patriot Forever

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Excellent question. For which no answer exists. But, none of that matters. End this crap, stop the money laundering criminal syndicates, arrest Wall Street/hedge fund/private equity criminals...

Q is my favorite letter!!!!!! I love my country, I love freedom..and I believe in spreading TRUTH!!!

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😆😆 when will these people ever learn that they will never be able to out smart ass any of us at anytime???...LMAO...that was an excellent come back from Cruz...BRAVO..Cruz!!!!

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EXCELLENT question 🌊 I'm watching so much water!! 💦💧

Both coasts of the USA
Washington D.C.
China/Three Gorges Dam
Suez Canal
The China Sea/Taiwan
India Coast

The waters are jumpin'!! Thank God for the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Military, every single soldier & K9. Godspeed 🙏🇺🇸🌊

I love God, family, friends, animals, holistic living, Q, Pres. Trump, JFK Jr., 111, 1111, etc., & I believe the best days are still ahead!

👊And Representative Jordan goes after him again!💥👊💥👊💥

Fauci: (arrogantly} "You're ranting again."

Rep. Jordan: "No, I'm not ranting."

Fauci: "Yes, you are."

Rep. Jordan: "Here's how it works, Dr. Fauci. I get to ask you the questions. You're the highest paid official in the U.S. government. You've given us your advice on baseball, on dating apps, on cruise ships. You told us zero masks, one mask, two masks, now back to one mask. I'm just asking you when is it going to end? You can say I'm ranting. I'm just asking the question the citizens I get the privilege of representing -- and my name actually goes on a ballot; I don't think your name has ever been on a ballot. My name goes on a ballot, and the citizens I represent want to know the answer to when they can get their liberties back!"


God bless Rep. Jordan!!

Jim Jordan Clashes With Dr. Fauci A Second Time During Fiery House Hearing - YouTube

After a viral clash at the start of a hearing of the House Coronavirus Subcommittee, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) once again engaged in contentious questioning of ...

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These are both so excellent! I love Benny’s piano only version you chose, for the Deep Romantic, as it is indeed completely romantic and really sets the mood perfectly. And the Phantom, well, Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Phantom is always the most welcome of treats in my ears, and for my heart as well. Nackendara, your skills and talents in blending the most impactful visuals of your story line with the perfect acoustic accompaniment is staggeringly excellent!

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