Just trying to find the truth that has been hidden from us

Dominion had a massive campaign to DELETE November 2020 election records across the country under false pretenses.

Dominion would inform clerks that they were performing a "trusted build" and or "preventative maintenance."

This happened in New Mexico and Colorado. It's happening elsewhere.

In reality, Dominion is destroying all traces from the November 3, 2020 election.

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In response Vincent UM Kennedy to his Publication

Trump won the election
God Wins The Battle :)

Honest government election 2022 https://cairnsnews.org/2022/05/13/honest-government-election-2022/ All shit governments are a fu$ING JOKE

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Nov 05, 2017 11:46:24 PM EST
Important to archive.
Above & next drops have high probability of shutting down /pol/.
It is being safeguarded for these transmissions but not 100% secure.
Who owns /pol/?
Why is this platform being used?
What recent events almost occurred re: /pol/?
Why is this relevant?
Stay alert in main US cities (DC), sporting events, and other conservative gatherings.
Stay alert in main US cities (DC), sporting events, and other conservative gatherings.
More false flags imminent.
Elections (tues) no longer matter at this stage.
Snow White.
Godfather III.
Above will have context as news unfolds.
Summarize and paint the picture.

“You shall know the truth and the TRUTH will set you free.” - John 8:32 ❤️🌎☮️ https://t.me/World_Peace_Today

Republicans want Joe Biden to know it's "payback time" as US President's legal team prepares for possible impeachment after midterms on grounds of "incompetence," says Curtin University's Professor Joe Siracusa.
Biden's legal team is preparing to defend against possibility of impeachment if Republicans gain a majority in Congress after midterm elections.
"They're going after him, the kid (Hunter), they're going to go after his performance ... they're going to go after incompetence.
"Biden hired very expensive fellow; to be called special counsel and his only job is to keep President Biden out of jail. https://youtu.be/elTETLGhmOs

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The Professor's Record, [5/15/2022 8:06 PM]
[ Video ]
Dominion Voting has a socket design on their machines, strategically placed to easily add a wireless modem to their mother boards.

Why would this feature exist when the election machine provider swears they are not configured to access the internet?

Dominion CEO John Poulos committed perjury before the Michigan Senate on this particular claim.

Digital soldier. Dark->Light #GodWins #SaveTheChildren #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #17! #MAGA #MEGA


The Professor's Record, [5/15/2022 7:51 PM]
[ Video ]
The particular Dominion machines being used in New Mexico and across the country have a feature where they can be "woken up" remotely.

Even more concerning, the "wake up" can be done without the screen turning on to alert election workers that the machine is being accessed.

Why would any election device have this feature?

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Hey GA voters.

True the Vote finds evidence and Kemp goes after them. Where have we seen this before? Oh, Yes, Harris went after those that exposed Planed Parenthood was selling baby parts.

Are Kemp and Harris in some club together?


Unbelievable😡 .. We need mr. boss man back like asap 🤔 DJT ... Come on, overturn the 2o2o election already... It's long over due! https://realrawnews.com/2022/05/biden-regime-vaccines-more-important-than-baby-formula/

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Dan The Man on IG:
Military Intelligence.
What is 'State Secrets' and how upheld in the SC?
What must be completed to engage MI over other (3) letter agencies?
What must occur to allow for civilian trials?
Why is this relevant?
What was Flynn's background?
Why is this relevant?
Why did Adm R (NSA) meet Trump privately w/o auth?
Does POTUS know where the bodies are buried?
Does POTUS have the goods on most bad actors?
Was TRUMP asked to run for President?
By Who?
Was HRC next in line?
Was the election suppose to be rigged?
Did good people prevent the rigging?
Why did POTUS form a panel to investigate?
Has POTUS *ever* made a statement that did not become proven as true/fact?
What is POTUS in control of?
What is the one organization left that isn't corrupt?
Why does the military play such a vital role?
Why is POTUS surrounded by highly respected generals?
Who guards former Presidents?
Why is that relevant?
Who guards HRC?
Why is ANTIF

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Lots of false.flags Solar eclipse bad actor magic going on.. Hate crimes to distract from a stolen election, Biden crime family, and v@x injuries. 🙄

ChildOfGod⛪Patriot🇺🇸FreedomFighter🗽DigitalSoldier 👩‍💻WWG1WGAWW🌎T410-B128🤟Covfefe is "In the end we win."✝️God woke you for a reason!

🔴Wendy Rogers Endorses Teddy Daniels For Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Ahead of Tuesday's Primary Election https://mediarightnews.com/wendy-rogers-endorses-teddy-daniels-for-pennsylvania-lt-gov-ahead-of-tuesdays-primary/

Wisconsin's AG, Josh Kaul TESTS POSITIVE.

This is the guy who refuses to prosecute the 5 election commission members that the Racine Sheriff investigated and referred to be charged with election fraud.


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