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Despite of the seemingly endless distances between each other, the anonymity and the missing handshakes.
I never felt more 'home' in the midst of a group of people than I do with the deplorables.

It makes enduring the soul pain possible

Beyond blood, distance and even time probably

Thank you God.

Have a nice evening beautiful deplorables

Good morning Deplorables. I am slowly navigating my way around TRUTH Social. Finding and following. It feels a little like Christmas morning a long time ago :)

WE are getting many names from the dems .... LIKE .... deplorables .... useless eaters .....stupid .... and USELESS IDIOTS .... Good news is this ...WE ARE AWAKE and that DREAM IS OVER .. THAT NIGHTMARE IS OVER .... WWG1WGA ... We shall overcome .... by the Light and hand of God ....

HEY STUPIDS.... MEET THE DEPLORABLES .. Don't feel bad .... she even consumes children .... and she loves using her hammer for it ...

Have a wonderful evening you fabulous deplorables

have a nice evening all you beautiful deplorables

Good night beautiful deplorables

In response Patriot Sam to her Publication

They learned nothing.

What else would a bunch of Deplorables do?

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Aces win.

In response Ché Trust-The-Plan to his Publication

Kinda like "deplorables". We are Ultra Proud Deplorables. 😁

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