I have always been a person who only wants truth. I have a lot of empathy so sometimes truth hurts. #wwg1wga. I love all people. No hate.

hmmm. can we just get rid of the whole democratic party? also the republican raffenburger in Georgia. these swing statesjust dont want the truth to come out to their voters and the unfairness of their vote. why dont people in georgia demand their rights. to the forensic vote. they all know who they voted. for. get rid of raffenburger. he is denying your right to your vote. vote. him out. Georgia good honest folks. he is hurting your state. sorry this is what. is on my mind today

Patriot, #2A, #USA 🇺🇸 #FamilyIsEverything 🇬🇧

House Democratic margin shrinks to 2 votes with swearing-in of Republican Julia Letlow


Skyrocketing Home Prices https://www.activistpost.com/2021/04/what-skyrocketing-home-prices-say-about-inflation.html
US Consumer Prices Jump At Fastest Pace Since 2009 As Energy Costs Surge https://www.activistpost.com/2021/04/us-consumer-prices-jump-at-fastest-pace-since-2009-as-energy-costs-surge.html

Food Prices Are Rising Aggressively, And Even The Corporate Media Is Admitting That It Is Only Going To Get Worse https://www.activistpost.com/2021/04/food-prices-are-rising-aggressively-and-even-the-corporate-media-is-admitting-that-it-is-only-going-to-get-worse.html

Thanks socialist democrats for debasing the#dollar in the name of#covid.

Teacher.Medical provider.IT lead 17 yrs.1st Gen Auschwitz survivor.Pro-Constitution.Like not=to support.DRAIN THE SWAMP ALL OF IT! TRUMP2021

RT'd by Richard Grenell, former Director of National Intelligence & Emerald Robinson, Newsmax:

"BREAKING: CNN Director REVEALS CNN Coverage of RepMattGaetz
Is ‘Propaganda’

'If the agenda say, is to get mattgaetz right now, he’s like this Republican. He’s a problem for the Democratic Party...So we’re (CNN) going to keep running these stories to keep hurting him.'" - James O'Keefe, Project Veritas, Apr 13 2021


Teacher.Medical provider.IT lead 17 yrs.1st Gen Auschwitz survivor.Pro-Constitution.Like not=to support.DRAIN THE SWAMP ALL OF IT! TRUMP2021

"Big Tech oligarchs now openly control our information and censor anything contrary to their whims. Their power directly threatens every democratic government in the world." - Emerald Robinson, Newsmax, Apr 13 2021


In response Real XAnon to his Publication

Remember how polls are taken
with a group of voters during campaign season after debates with the canidates?
This proves CNN has nothing to do with News.
Hating Trump was their planned strategy.
Question: Why did they start hating Trump as soon as he won as the rep. canidate for president?
Then it was an on going theme that he will never win.
Republicans and Democrats would say,
“He will not win.”
They hate him for So Many Reasons.
Is it really about hate or Do they Fear him?
Why would CNN Fear him?
Who is behind CNN?
CNN has a very nice location.
Love GA!🇺🇸

#MAGA, Retired Navy and Patriot. The oath never expires as long as I'm alive.

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