Royal Raven @Royalraven
28 May, 06:06

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Ezekiel 2_1 @Ezekiel2_1
28 May, 02:19
Illuminati Deep State Cabal Globalist Agenda 2030:
• Contrary to the fear-mongering climate propagandapushed by climate totalitarians, sea levels were considerably higher a thousand years ago, during the Medieval Warm Period, almost a millennium before humans burned fossil fuels on any significant scale.😂🪃🤣🙏

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Earth Alliance @Hampata
28 May, 12:16
John F. Kennedy Jr.,🚨 [28.5.2024 г. 2:50]🚨
To The Cabal. The Infiltration and Being Violated Is Real. Karma is a Bitch. Are you feeling it? Enjoy. 🎉


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Kat istheSea3 donated @KatistheSea3
28 May, 10:42
🇬🇧 5-28-24 Charlie Ward
I got a message that 💂‍♂️ The Coldstream Guards
are preparing all their equipment
They’re the guards that come out when there’s a FUNERAL.
50-50 between Charles & Kate.
We know they’re both actually dead
it's just a question of WHEN it comes out.

💂‍♂️The Coldstream Guards
As well as 👉guarding the monarch
The Coldstream Guards is well known for its
high-profile 👉ceremonial duties 👑


🇺🇸 9-16-22 Q The Storm Rider
The Satanic SPIRIT cooker Maria Abramović showed up
at Queen eLIZARDbeth’s funeral..
_you have to remember the DEEP STATE CABAL
lives through blackmail/SATANIC Rituals/…
inside these satanic Rituals several newbies & elites
are forced to eat the victims
or drink the blood laced with Adrenochrome
& the whole event is filmed for later blackmail agendas 💥

🇺🇸 Juan O Savin
Who is the honored guest at the Queen’s funeral?
Maria Abramović. The witch.. BTW, Marina Abramović is a guy 💥

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Kuntuzangpo UM 1776 - A to Z @Kuntuzangpo1776
28 May, 04:05 (E)
"Patriot Underground PU welcomes Pascal Najadi to provide a comprehensive overview of the war against the cabal. We discuss his decision to join USSF, the WH sting operation using the C19 bioweapon (known playbook), Trump's invocation of the War Powers Resolution Act, the origins of humanity, and much more! We also pay tribute to the brave men & women in our military on Memorial Day of this historic year! WWG1WGA "

From Patriot Underground and Najadi Pascal Najadi


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