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At that point I had already had disclosure. She was such a BITCH to work for, even her own husband called her "hell" She said WHO is gonna do my designs? I said I don't know but I would rather eat shit and run a rabbit. She ran landscaping out of her garden center and treated them like garbage, nice to me, cause I wouldn't take her shit, but such a royal bitch to those she deemed beneath her, made me sick.

my allegiance is to the people for which we stand one world undivided with liberty and justice for all

presence of the word flip, im going to flip this, intensity energy against the DS, fast series of events soon. God shand through the masses reaching critical mass. fake elected "leaders" scared to death. visions visions

Road a bus with Paula Deen's kiddo. When I went. lol For a minute. I used to do design for living arrangements, my boss was DEF eastern star, she is her friend. I know because she even said to me when she wanted me to do some work at her house, took me out back and showed me her back sitting area, that was you guessed it black and white. She said Stephanie, Do you know what that is? I said probably a whole lot better than you do........just made me think of that cause apparently yesterday was Paul Deens bday. I was also friends with here nephew that "killed himself" which is weird because YEARS before that HIS gf, was my buddy, and she "killed" herself, even bought the damn stuff ahead of time to get cremated, bought it ahead of time. I don't know. THEN being told "Albany Ga was an illuminati hotspot" weird stuff. Son was polite. Anne's friends were always coming in buying my arrangements and other things. For lots of money...

I'm a happily married patriot. I am here to learn and share the truth. I am looking forward to President Trumps return & the Great Awakening

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So...the Marburg Virus is being used as a "cover up" for the vaccine deaths. It will cause another panic to the sheep and they will take another vaccine out of fear. When will this insanity end???

Grandmother of 6, Q follower, Trump Supporter. I live in the beautiful mountains of Virginia! Been following for 5 yrs. Dad, 27yr Marine!

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I will always remember that little boy saluting his Fathers casket. It was sad but beautiful at the same time. We love you and you have my deepest gratitude for what you have done for humanity!!

🌺🇫🇷 #PR Social Networks at What's Next ? 🌍 #WeThePeople 💫 #WWG1WGA #LightWarrior 🕯 #DigitalSoldier 🧜‍♀ #Angel💕

How Few Control the World ?
The main shareholder of the largest companies in the world is Vanguard... remains to be seen who are the main shareholders of the Vanguard group?

来自中国,基督徒 ✝️ ;盼望上帝的国降临;跟随见证上帝大能的事工和旨意成就在这地上!为我的国家和特朗普总统及全世界爱国者祷告!将颂赞、权柄、荣耀归给我们的主耶稣基督,直到永远!阿们!❤️ #GodWins #China #Trump #TheGreatAwakening

一行禅师(Thich Nhat Hanh)是马丁·路德·金的盟友;



一行禅师(Thich Nhat Hanh)去世时间是2022年1月22日。

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For God so loved the world........ John 3:16. End Times ...I Am The Living Witness …I Am “Q”. 1|11|2|22|333|44|5:5|66|77|88|99|10|223

JUDGE Taylor Swift from Here…

Forward , And Y.O.U Are Comitting
Entire Bible,
Blasphemy, Of The HolySpirit
WHY Ch00SE ☠️?
Choose 💕


#Patriot Christian, US Marine, retired State Trooper, active shooter instructor, husband to the most awesome Wife a man could ever have.

For God so loved the world........ John 3:16. End Times ...I Am The Living Witness …I Am “Q”. 1|11|2|22|333|44|5:5|66|77|88|99|10|223

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Wow, That is a damn good sync - Vous offre un service de réinformation gratuit, et n'a que pour but la vérité, l'éveil des consciences, la volonté d'inf

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