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I agree but some days I have a hard time waking up until I have my coffee 🤪

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I got the neck and mask one also. That they use in spas, but not using that til after summer, keeping that pecan tan. lol

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So, they can do this to Obummer and Hildabeast now too...

Sauce for the goose, n'all that...

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Malachi 4:2

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Of coarse when [they] keep spraying the skies...[they] don't care about us or the wildlife and nature-

Britain creates a specialized institution for advanced research along the lines of DARPA.
The name will be "Advanced Research and Invention Agency" abbreviated ARIA.
One of the areas of interest is info-psy. To begin with, they were allocated 800 thousand pounds.

"aria is a rare opportunity to create a new kind of research agency that, like darpa, creates transformational technologies decades ahead of its time. The UK has an extraordinary density of scientific and technological talent.
It is home to a disproportionate number of the world’s best universities. And its burgeoning startup sector has created over 40 “unicorns”🦄 (private companies worth more than $1bn) across sectors ranging from biotech to semiconductors."

The bosses of Britain’s new research agency explain its innovations
Ambition, risk and the deployment of top talent will underpin ARIA, say Ilan Gur and Matt Clifford


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Ive wondered for a long time about the neclace dave wears. haven’t been able to find any real info on it. Anyone??

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"European stocks’ recent 10% rally looks overly rosy. The region’s equities, especially Germany’s, and the euro may not be fully pricing in downside risks from the mounting energy crisis."

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kicking on EBS & Cern activated
😅👍🏻 good job soldier

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