Vince Edwards @vinceableworld
10 May, 07:19
Friday May 10th, 8PM EST: Do You Have Solutions That Do Not Require The Assistance of Politicians or Attorneys? We Want To HEAR FROM YOU! - XSpaces Host Vince Edwards Dealing Out The MICs! [AUDIO]

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Disclosure Library @DisclosureLibrary
20 November, 09:08
Good few minutes of an #XSpace from the other day.
Talk about Freemasonry, Albert Pike, Donald Trump etc.
I do a little Albert Pike trivia as well, good times.
But the best part is where I go on record saying that I’ll be the reason my friend Phantom F0XAClD finally changes his Donald Trump profile picture and replaces it with mine for a month as punishment πŸ˜‚βœ…πŸ”₯
Honestly, I just wish more people were as open minded and honest with themselves as he is, he’s a good dude πŸ‘

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