18 January, 03:55
Disease X is right here. It always was XMRVs!
John Coffin ,…in the UK Jonathan Stoye of Wellcome Trust, they wrote a little op-ed article that accompanied that October 23 2009 science paper where we showed you how they changed the variance of disease X in order to make cancer spread like mycoplasma…
The only way it can kill you is if you inject it!

I had fun with Clay Clark today! It's all about XMRV. Gotcha!

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Joe Qanada UM @realToddEJones
29 March, 12:30
I'm not going to stop saying it. How many new viruses have we created, John Coffin?
& why is my pen pointing to COVID syncytia in the VC Star on 11/23/2014 ... the FBI DOJ had all of the proof of Fauci’s 4 decades of crimes against humanity, in May of 2014!

#truth #NEWS #FauciFiles #XMRV #syncytia #Vaccinesideeffects #DiedSuddenlyNews #Health

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Blaine .13 donated @Blaine13
11 February, 11:38

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The Drowned King @D3L1B3R8ANDR3Z0N8
19 July, 12:31
Sloppy Meateaters - Escape [Van’s Warped Tour Compilation] (HQ) - YouTube

#SloppyMeateaters #Escape #VansWarpedTourVan's Warped Tour 2002 Compilation | Stage 1 | Track 17'Escape' by Sloppy Meateaters From the 'Van’s Warped Tour 200...

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03 June, 11:43
100 Million Americans Injected With Dangerous Spike Protein

“For the past year and despite all of my own, Dr Luc Montagnier’s, Dr Dolores Cahill’s, Dr Sherri Tenpenny’s and many others’ best efforts to warn people of a mass murder plot through vaccination, 100 million Americans have still been injected with a synthetic virus that contained a dangerous spike protein consisting of HIV, XMRV and SARS.” … Dr Judy Mikovits

Videos, files and Emails concerning activities of Dr. Fauci to hit news stations next week including over 900 pages of Fauci Emails.

Funded by Obama, Biden and the CIA, Fauci was caught in a video describing his creation of a Doomsday Virus set to be released on the general public in the Fall of 2022.

“Destroying America will be the culmination of my life’s work.” …George Soros, Role Model of Klaus Swab

“Tomorrow will be the first sunrise of the rest of your life. Make the day what you want it to be and remember that happiness is a choice.” …Elon Musk

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