In response Carole Parnell to her Publication

Green Bay Wisconsin also!
Arrest this America hating Monster!
He was wedded to China by marriage.
I figure since the wife is a Doctor she was the ‘we’ who didnt know the ‘long term effects’ of the vaccine in his leaked corporate video! She is the puppet master to Zuckerberg! Like Fang!

Tenacious Wisconsinite fighting government and medical tyranny. Redpilling for many years before I knew it was redpilling.Where is my origin


Use the monies you would have paid in taxes (income, property, sales, employment, unemployment, unemployment insurance, licenses, permits, fines, penalties, etc). Use these monies to anything, anyone, any higher purpose in YOUR family, YOUR neighborhood, YOUR communities, YOUR county.... Our forefathers knew this... what year did we start paying Un-Constitutional TAXES? Why? Who made that decision? Why? What were those illegally collected taxes used to fund?

Just say NO to government and medical tyranny!!!!!! Give me liberty, or give me death! Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all those who believe!!!!! The Great Awakening takes us to World+ Peace, prosperity, happiness, love!

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