Yankee Carolyn @YankeeCarolyn
24 February, 06:42
I used to go in the woods a lot my whole life. When I lived in LA for 4 years I had to go into Griffith Park/the LA Forest every day for 2 hrs just to feel normal. But I've been back in Connecticut for years, and back in the woods here, and a lot of people not from here don't realize how much woods we got. We also have a lot of wildlife than even people living here don't realize unless they're into going into the woods. By now I've seen so many weird things I'm afraid to go too far in, so I started walking my dog all around the streets here in my town; but she's gettin' old. Her arthritis seemed good yesterday so I let her lead the way where she took us on a 3+ mile route. She was then limping at home. I gave her some dog aspirin and we're taking today off. I really hate how fast dogs age! Can you imagine a 12 yr old human with arthritis? I didn't have her as a puppy but who did, got her shots. I think it's in part the shots and the dog food that ages them so fast.

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Carole Parnell donated @MagaMutt
23 February, 08:16

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Yankee Carolyn @YankeeCarolyn
23 February, 02:29
I woke up drenched again through my night shirt, thinking now it's a side effect of my meds, or serotonin syndrome from them, instead of perimenopause. Panic disorder really sucks either way.
It was 3:42 a.m. and I'd been worried about having to refill my prescription for a week now since I noticed my supply was running low. The telehealth co's will give me anywhere from 30 to 60 to 90 days supply. My functionality depends on the whims of whichever tyrant took my case. Sometimes they try fishing for more. One had a colonoscopy kit sent to me, but I never returned it. I'm not really too into shit-in-a-bag. If I have any other problems, Fuckers, I'll let you know. (Or not). More likely not.
Please Lord, don't let me die -when the time comes- in a fucking "health" facility. I will run (or crawl, or hobble, or even roll myself) into the woods and lay there overnight instead to get bitten to death by ants or eaten by a cougar...Not half as unpleasant as a supposed "health" facility.

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LIBERTY JUSTICE4ALL donated @LibertyNJustice4All
22 February, 06:17 (E)
Always so creative w/ their camping, 2-story tent, talk abt luxury in the woods. Like many of the YT nomads/weekend warriors (like I was, due to my son/parents, cant be fulltime on the road) I've been guided to follow since 2019, like this couple, who was below 200k subs at the time are now over 2Mil subscribers. It goes to show that since 2020 WW shutdown, many have been connecting w/ Mother's garden & inspired to be outdoors...thx to all these creators/brave energy team, on the move, to pursue their passion. When you operate from the heart, all things come w/ many blessings.🌈💞🗽

Atik Ailesi’nin yeni bir kamp videosundan herkese selamlar. Bu videoda 2 katlı çadırımız ile kamp yaptık. Güneşli havada başlayan kampımız akşam saatlerinde ...

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___ Fritz28 @Fritz28
22 February, 05:16
LET ME TELL ALL OF AU SOMETHING….. I’ve never shared something & said: “you need to see this”, but I will say this for once. I don’t watch vids anymore, or podcasts…..I f’n get it. This one…..yeah….(30 minutes) had me in the first 5. The next 10 locked me in. The next 5 told me my contact is correct about how much bull💩 is shared about things I thought was gonna be a good thing in the future. (Bretton woods to be exact). I haven’t finished yet, but all of you should listen to this. It truly is good information we should ALL know & spread.


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