Jean Kilroy⭐ @Jeanie
19 June, 09:14
Satan's strategy is simple.
Make sin look normal & make righteousness look weird.

Whether it’s politicians, ancient gods or goddesses, money, celebrities, sporting stars or even worshipping yourself, the world seeks to draw you into idolatry

At the core of it is misdirection through rebellion & mind control programming

The message of every cult crowned human saviour is always the same;
Be your own god and follow us😈

Millions believe they themselves are gods & creators by following the path of "going within"

Only it’s not their idea, it’s a program coined by Alistair Crowley; Do as thou wilt

Man is in rebellion to His very own Creator to this day

Time to stop following the fallen

Find God🔥

‘For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. . .’
1 Samuel 15:23

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Resistance Chicks @ResistanceChicks
12 June, 02:24
PG here 2.) Honest community. There is no counterfeit money. Only gold and silver coins are used as money, and only horses are used for transportation. Giving up the life of impurity, sinfulness, lust, and depravity so our children are raised in a clean, upright moral society. This country was founded on the love of God, not the corruption of perverted, evil people who desire to be rich and have slaves do all their work for them. They call themselves leaders, supervisors, and experts, but they are nothing but lazy con artists and task masters using witchcraft, decision-making, deception, Satanism, illusion, and manipulation to convince, deceive, and captivate others to do the work God has called them to do.

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Yankee Carolyn @YankeeCarolyn
08 June, 10:07
Dagon was a demonic fish-headed god.
Christ gathered real fishermen to him.
Christ fed real fish to 5,ooo disciples.

Lambs were traditionally slaughtered as pennance for the sins of humans.
Abel offered a lamb to God.
Abraham was told to sacrifice his son Isaac, but then Isaac was replaced by a ram (similar).
Lamb was eaten at Passover.
Christ was always referred to as a lamb.

The staples for ancient Israelites was bread and wine.
The Canaanites ate sacrificed children like bread, and drank their blood, like wine.
Christ said HE would be the staple of bread and wine; HIS body would be the bread, and HIS blood would be your wine.

Do you see?

He defied all witchcraft and asserted his authority over false gods.

As if to say: Do not partake of THAT; partake of ME.

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Roy Herman Kellerman @RoyHermanKellerman
29 May, 02:12
Sorry but the medical industry is just that an industry for the dollar.

It's satanic and they know it..... They didn't stick cameras at my grandpa's ass and he lived to be a hundred years old... That's why they call it practicing medicine because it's witchcraft.......

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Glenn Huggins @RnGFab60
28 May, 05:13

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