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@jackmposobiec doing a Deep Fake 🥸 in the Bethesda CIA Deep Fake Bunker in Maryland. Pretending to be in Switzerland 🇨🇭during DAVOS/WEF meetings

Same location in which ISIS Beheadings were faked and countless other Deep Fakes of the Biden Administration
Azazel News

It's about time the WEF was designated as a terrorist organisation.

They have infiltrated every government and terrorised the world.

EO number 1 for PDJT

✝️ 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🌎Christian, Patriot, Father and Husband. WWG1WGA

Nothing is simple anymore..
It's evident that Trudeau and others are a threat to Canada and our sovereignty, personal or otherwise..
I however, have lingering questions.
How much $$ has Pierre Poilievre received form the WEF?
Since it is also evident that the WEF has admittedly infiltrated all levels of government around the world and in Canada I feel the impetus to account for every penny the WEF and related organizations have sunk into Canadians and whom. For the good of the country this needs to be known.

Husband, proud dad & grandpa, USMC vet, rower, student of God's word/ climate change/ancient history. Ex-covid, OEM DNA, immune to stupid

In response J.J. Jameson to his Publication

Hold on here. What you're doing with your wording is bordering on Fake News. They essentially want to re-direct all medicine payments to government... ie, us taxpayers. Just like they did with the covid-19 vaccines to such magnificent results in bottom-line profitability by taking the individual's choice in the matter out of the P/L equation. Only one buyer to deal with when you're selling to the government.

Thinking back on the past 3 years: Jabs were "free", and government even tried to tempt us with free fries and ice cream to take these experimental mRNA vaccines. WEF and Pfizer are talking PURE SOCIALISM.

These are not altruists. Alternative medicine will still cost under their model... if it's even available at all. Don't even get me started.

Waiting for the Trump card... ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Supporting General Flynn...

New X22 Reports 👁️👁️...

Ep. 2939a - If You Know The [CB]/[WEF] Economic Playbook, It Can Be Countered

Political / Geopolitical:
Ep. 2939b - [DS] Running Low On Ammunition, Wait For It, Many Are Falling Into The Trump Quicksand

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Kris OSHO is WEF and belive in depopulation... I was sad to find out..

Pissed Off Deplorable Patriot⚫

So all the doctors that are getting cancelled and losing their licenses were good enough to be doctors for many years, many of them world renowned and heads of their respected fields until the WEF, UN, Fauci. Gates Virus came around and all of a sudden they didn't know what they were talking about, while other doctors and nurses were busy making Tik Tok dance videos in empty hospitals being called hero's... Time to stop this ship and dock it. We are living yhrough some insane shit right now. I thought the Wisard of OZ was weird. It ain't got shit on this.

Have some tea while you enjyoy life, freiends, and family while we watch #DeepStateCabal gets detroyed! #WWG1WGA #MAGA #thestormisuponus


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Ep. 2939a - If You Know The [CB]/[WEF] Economic Playbook, It Can Be Countered
X22 Report

X22 REPORT 12/2/22
Ep. 2939a - If You Know The [CB]/[WEF] Economic Playbook, It Can Be Countered

Still 1000% Patriot & loyalist to Trump(((+)))Team, grateful for their insight, sacrifices, &willingness to return our nation to the people,

In response Roy Herman Kellerman to his Publication

im super psyched the Epoch times is reporting on this:). thank you to them. it's a lot to absorb and a lot of details, but critical in this war for America and humanity to understand the last hijacking and how the crown just redirected it right back to themselves and proceeded with their agenda's. wonder sometimes what they termed their agenda's and the specific's of those agenda's before the titanic, the 1929 crash etc. would be interesting to see their plans that laid out the introduction of chemicals back in the 40's when it started with that. tracing the intent of those agenda's (which there is no doubt in my mind were in place through the WFO and the WEF...trickle down). they didn't fail either considering where we are today and how far society has been degraded.

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