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🚨🚨🚨IMPORTANT🚨🚨🚨this video is extremely important to view. EVERGREEN CONTENT TIES TO VIRUS, CLIMATE CHANGE AGENDA, 5G


Because (GOD), (COUNTRY) no further explanation needed!

Red.Pill.Pharmacist, [14.04.21 08:18]
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Follow da moola??

Ive never known potus to be proven wrong , although we cant always see the why in his motives.

I’ve also never NOT known the cabal to attack that which they fear the most.

POTUS told us yesterday what is going on…CDC is in cahoots with Pfizer.

This should be Interdasting

Truth Seeker - God is with us to conquer evil. POSITIVE THOUGHTS needed NOW = MANIFEST Trump's 2nd Term!

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You should watch the video before commenting.

Both Generals, Flynn and McInerney are well acquainted with this BIO-WARFARE and warn of the disastrous vaccine drug by Moderna and Pfizer developed at Johns Hopkins, patented by Gates / Fauci.

1st vaccine destroys your immunity
2nd vaccine is the actual virus, which kills, bc of no immunity

Gen McInerney offers an anecdote if one has unfortunately taken the vaccine. Please share / learn from these Videos, they are meant to inform EVERYONE.

this is the master plan:

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can you get this to Santa?

🚨🚨🚨IMPORTANT🚨🚨🚨this video is extremely important to view. EVERGREEN CONTENT TIES TO VIRUS, CLIMATE CHANGE AGENDA, 5G


Child of God, Trump! ICU-RN #savethechildren #FamilyisEverything #WWG1WGA #KennedyVision #Constitution #IPackHeat #1&2ndAmendment

Just a sidenote. All vaccine injury and death lawsuits-IF ever are brought to court-any successful claims are paid through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. A long fancy name for a “program” to make less obvious that the “compensation” is coming from YOU, the TAXPAYER. [They] manufacture and release viruses that somehow they magically “knew” years before were going to erupt the year their “vaccines” were available. Its a big ole scam. Give us a vaccine to prevent illness we do not have and let US, the TAXPAYER pay for the injuries [they] inflict. #Usery#Conmen#serfs#SCAMMERS#liars

Teacher.Medical provider.IT lead 17 yrs.1st Gen Auschwitz survivor.Pro-Constitution.Like not=to support.DRAIN THE SWAMP ALL OF IT! TRUMP2021

Chinese State TV on Mike Pompeo: "insane and evasive"

Mike Pompeo, Apr 13 2021: "I said back in May that there was enormous evidence the Wuhan virus spread from a lab leak. The Left scoffed at this statement. But nearly three weeks ago, Dr. Redfield publicly confirmed that fact. Now even CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent agrees. Next, the CCP?"

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Better rush out and GET IT.

Let me know how that works out for you.


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