Kat istheSea3 donated @KatistheSea3
26 May, 03:30
🇺🇸 Mike Davis,
Founder & Pres Article III Project

“He’s a supervisory IRS agent & has evidence
the DoJ & senior officials @ the IRS
obstructed his investigation into Hunter Biden.
It’s very clear Hunter committed Tax Fraud
because he took MILLION$ from
& all these other foreign places
& was funneling money to the Biden family.
Every family member of Pres. Biden got money
except Biden’s 4-year-old granddaughter..
Every other sleazeball scumbag Biden
has gotten a lot of money
& gotten very rich off their corrupt illegal Foreign dealings
including then VP Biden’s $5 million dollar bribery scheme.
That’s another FBI scandal.
We've seen repeatedly over the last years
that we have 2-systems of Justice in America.
One for the ruling elite
& one for the rest of us.
We saw BLM & ANTIFA destroy American cities..
but if you’re a gramma who showed up on J6
you’re going to prison for a long time” 💥


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Libertatem One @LibertatemOne
11 November, 01:27
New hashtags from the last few days:
#MAGA (America and now Arizona)

#wwg1wga #NCSWIC

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