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Leftover from the Third Reich!

Free-thinker. Truth-seeker. Lifelong student. Curious. Proud wife of USAF Vietnam vet

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Saw some pics and saying he passed end of last month, I think it was. Wasn't sure what to think of it, but there was a second small bit of evidence too. This is the third, and you've always spoken truth.

It will certainly be a new world, after the awakening.
Third Phase of Moon: Pentagon Admits They have Roswell Crash Material and They are Reverse Engineering It.

Big ❤️, cancer survivor, tyranny fighter. God, family and country are everything. Truth seeker, Truth Speaker❤️

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California, born and bred. Third generation San Franciscan. It will get ugly, but remember President Trump won the state at 69% over Biden. Patriots still crowd the streets, holding signs to recall Newsom. And even the homeless are tired of cruel neglect.

I'm here to serve, helmet on my head and sword in hand, with the old grizzly by my side.

I’m here for our President and Humanity, I could write a book. I come from military family background! I am a mom this is personal :)WWG1WGA

I I know I posted the other two pics before but just thought all four and for others to see the shakes (all chummy) , and look behind soros son, in third pic ,that is someone being prepared for Sacrifice behind him if you've seen some of these pics of these sick rituals ,which is exactly what they are!! disgusting crimes against humanity, every dang one of them sicker the virus itself 🇺🇸FACT !!!

Permanently banned from Fascistbook, Twitter and a few others, setting up shop here. Canadian Patriot who loves President Trump. WWG1WGA

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Its juat funny that they jumped the gun...kind of like the UK when they reported on the news that the third WTC building collapsed and it was still standing behind the reporter.


Did you hear Guy Benson talk about Hillary's new book tonight? He was pumping up her 3 pronged-plot approach. The third prong is a Major Pedophile is killed in Federal prison. Wow! They are so BOLD. Wonder who that could be?😉

In baseball, the "Shot Heard 'Round the World" was a game-winning home run by New York Giants outfielder and third baseman Bobby Thomson off Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Ralph Branca at the Polo Grounds in New York City on October 3, 1951, to win the National League

Wife, mother, patriot, researcher and a child of God! Love POTUS Trump, our constitution and freedom!!!

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And why is a person, second, third, forth and so on paying taxes on a used vehicle after the original owner or any other item that is not new? So illegal!!!

Outsider, Patriot, Truther, son of God, Never quits, Stops at nothing .

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Bye Bye central bank of the third kind NO MORE!

God1st PrayerWarrior Healer of bodies & souls

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GOD BLESS YOU, of course there are mRNA meds. That IS NOT THE ISSUE given that ALL other mRNA meds are HUMAN SOURCED. 🙄

Conversely, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines utilize FOREIGN, as in non-human mRNA that is capable of entering DNA which ultimately and irrevocably alters our entire genome. Now do you understand? For a third time: These vaccines introduce FOREIGN mRNA. VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Response System) compiled a spreadsheet of all DEATHS post Pfizer/Moderna vaccination against SARS CoV-2, many within days or a couple of weeks. REMEMBER: VAERS is compiled by the CDC and they ascribe these deaths to the "VACCINE."

ERGO, this report incontrovertibly PROVES the danger associated with these "vaccines."

This is an anomalous amount of post "vaccination" adverse effects.

This is my final post to you. I PRAY that you perform your own research to avoid being a statistic on VAERS and in the morgue. Your life is in balance whether you disagree with the EVIDENCE or not.

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Sadly, it about everything, not just current events. I am leaving them in the second or third dimension.

#IOwnMyOwnMind #IOwnMyOwnBody #WWG1WGA #MAGA #1776 No creepy DMs I will block you! Other are all welcome!! 😊

Mercer County Becomes Third Missouri Second Amendment Sanctuary County in Monday Declaration

Updates on CCP Virus: Merkel Says Variants Risk Third Wave, Must Proceed Carefully

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